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How to Cut Tile without a Wet Saw

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 20, 2024

The price of the wet saw is going higher every day. It has left many without an option rather than to find other tools to have their cuts done. In this accord, here are highlights on how to cut tile without a wet saw. Tools such as manual snap cutter, tile snipper, tile scribe, glass cutter angle girder, and a rotary cutting tool are substitutes of a wet saw when cutting tile.

A rotary tool is ideal for an irregular cut on a tile. It can also be used to drill holes on a tile. A tile scribe has a carbide tip that makes it sufficient for straight cuts on the tile. It is a simple tool to operate, thus appropriate for first cutters. The simplest way of cutting tile without a wet saw is by using a glass cutter.

It is a versatile tool that is readily available in the hardware. While using this tool you will need some practice for perfect skills, thus have a sample tile. Let us discuss the steps of cutting a tile using a glass cutter

Learn How To Cut Tile Without A Wet Saw

Cutting A Tile With A Glass cutter

Before you start the cutting process, ensure that you have the following tools with you in the working room

Materials and tools

  • Glass cutter
  • Washable marker
  • Damp cloth
  • Gloves and safety glasses
  • Smoothening tool
  • Square ruler
  • wire

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Step 1: Marking The Tile

Place the tile on the cutting surface. Using a washable marker and a square draw straight lines on the points you want to cut the tile. It is advisable to verify the marked points to ascertain the credibility of the cut, which reduces the wastage. A square ruler is essential for straights cuts. However, you can use a tool with a straight edge for precise lines. In case of any wrong marking, wipe it away using the damp cloth or an eraser if you will be using a pencil to draw the lines.

Step 2: Wear The Safety Elements

It is advisable to wear safety goggles to prevent the tiny pieces of the tile from finding their way to your eyes. Also, due to the intense pressure, you will have to apply on the tile with your palms, wear a fabric glove. The fabric glove will do you good by preventing any accidental cut on your palms.

Step 3: Score The Tile

This step is to essentially have a partial cut on the tile, which will be the guideline of the actual cutting. The scoring process sounds like a crackling noise. Place the square beneath the cut line to act as the guideline of the cutter to avoid any mistakes. Hold the glass gutter firmly and press it down along the drawn line. Keenly drag the cutter along the line to do a partial cutting on the tile. This step should be done with a lot of soberness because there is no room for mistakes. The glass cutter goes for approximately $10 hence at a pocket-friendly price. It is readily available in the hardware, or you can make an online order.

Step 4: Place A Wire Underneath The Tile To Be Cut

This step is crucial when cutting tile without a wet saw. You will require a wire which is thin enough to go through the partially cut line.  Take the wire and place it along with the cut and ensure that it is long enough to go through the entire line.

Step 5: Break The Tile

Place the tile on a sturdy surface that can withstand a massive amount of pressure. Also, ensure that you have the fabric gloves on to avoid any accidental cut. Use your palms to press the tile with hands on the different sides of the wire. Press hard enough until the tile completely breaks. While applying pressure on the tile, increase it gradually to avoid splintering the tile, which can damage it or cause a cut on your hands. In case the tile does not break, you will have to use the glass cutter to score it again.

Step 6: Smoothen The Edges

Rough edges are possible when cutting the tile and may not be appropriate for fixing in your construction. Thus use the available smoothening tool to have smooth edges. The possible smoothening tools are rubbing the stone and a slab of concrete. Whichever the tool you use, hold it appropriately along the edges and brush it slowly until you have smooth edges.


In a nutshell, it is possible to cut tile without a wet saw with well-stated procedures on how to cut tile without a wet saw. Reading this piece will do an excellent job of giving you the steps you need to follow to cut the glass tile. The steps are straightforward and very simple thus, it is appropriate for everyone who needs their tile cut.

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