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How to Oil Pole Saw Chain: Step-by-step Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

Like every other machine, the pole saw also needs maintenance and lubrication in order to have a long life and good performance. One important part of the maintenance is oiling the bar and chain when using it.

By doing this you take care of your saws’ needs, so it can properly take care of yours. In this article, you will get a detailed guide on how to oil your pole saw, so you can have a long happy life together!

How to choose the best oil for your machine?

You should know that even the best pole saw needs proper lubrication. Why? Because the blade and chain are under constant movement. When there is a movement- there is friction too. 

The friction can easily damage the machine, but happily, oiling will remove this problem. However, before oiling your pole saw you have to choose the right oil. 

It is recommended to get oil from your saws’ brand since it will be suitable for your pole saw. Furthermore, you should always buy oil suitable for the weather.

  • Summer Oil

    For the summer season you should always choose sticky, thick oils. The temperatures are high, which makes the consistency of a normal oil runny and thin. To prevent that you should use thick oil because it will stick to the surface.

  • Winter Oil

    For the winter season is the opposite- you need thin oil. The temperatures are low, which makes fluids viscous. To prevent a problem you should use thin oil, so it can flow and reach every spot of your saw.

  • Bio-oils

    The general oil you can buy is petroleum-based, which is bad for the environment. If you want, you can buy bio-oil. They are biodegradable, environment-friendly oils, made of vegetables and cold-pressed.
    An advantage of the bio-oil is that it is absolutely safe and can’t harm your skin. It will also not be a problem if you inhale the vapors.

Always make sure that you have chosen the right oil if you want to help your pole saw instead of damaging it. If you are not sure which oil you need, make sure you ask a person who knows the topic.

Step-by-step guide

To make sure that you know how to properly oil your machine, we are going to give you detailed insight by providing a step-by-step guide. After choosing the right oil, you are ready to start. 

1. Turned the saw off

First, you should make sure that the saw is turned off and completely cooled down. Do not oil your pole saw if it is still running, or still warm, since this may be dangerous.

2. Clean the saw

The second step is laying down the machine on a flat surface. Choose a spot, which will make the oiling easier for you. Place the machine with the bar side down. 

Make sure that the chainsaw and the oil filler cap are clean by wiping it and removing dust and debris. If you skip that step, debris and dust may fall into the reservoir and clog up the oiling system. You surely don’t want this!

3. Filling with oil

The third step is unscrewing the oil filler cap and using a funnel for the oiling. Usually, the funnel comes with the package, but if it does not it is good to buy one. You can do the oiling without a funnel, but it is more likely to spill oil.

Place the funnel into the chain oil reservoir, which you opened before. Start pouring the oil slowly. Be aware that you can overfill, so be careful! How can you check that? You can easily see the level through the see-through oil tank.

4. Secure the saw

Now, when you have filled the tank you should put the cap back on and secure it. Make sure that it will not open. It is a good idea to wipe around the area, so remnants can be removed. Do not put your saw upside down, because there may be breathing holes in some caps.

5. Check the marked levels

Lastly, you can check if you have done a good job by checking if the oil is reaching the marked levels. You can also run the saw for some time(no cutting, just running it). When you stop it you should inspect the chain. If it has a thin film of lubricant, then you have done a good job.

We have also provided a video that shows step-by-step the oiling process.

By oiling your machine you will reduce friction. Reducing the friction will make the life of the chainsaw longer, and will improve its performance. 

It will also prevent clogging by removing debris away. If there is debris in the pole saw the efficiency of the machine will be reduced.

Oiling your machine keeps it safe for you. When there is a lot of friction the chances of kickback are bigger. 


You should always be careful while oiling your pole saw chain. You already know that you have to look for the best suitable oil for your pole saw. There are a lot of products on the market, so make sure you have done good research.

Keep in mind that if you have decided to use bio-oil your chain won’t work as well as usual. The vegetable oil is not good for too cold, or too hot weather. You can use it sometimes, but long-time use is not recommended.

Do not use cheap motor oil for your saw! Not only because manufacturers are strongly advising against it, but because it will weaken the machine. The motor oil leaves tiny fragments which can damage the chain and bar.

Do not use old oil, especially if you have taken it from another machine. Use fresh oil to make sure you will do good for your pole saw.


Oiling the pole saw will not only make its life longer but will also make its performance better. It will prevent damages and harmful situations. 

To make sure that you are oiling your machine properly, you can follow our step-by-step guide. And don’t forget- choosing the right oil for your saw is essential!

The brand most likely has already provided the best option for your pole saw, so you can trust him. Keep your pole saw oiled, sharp, and good luck!

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