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How to Restring a Pole Saw – Step By Step Guide

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

People are using the manual pole saw for centuries to prune and shape their tree branches in the garden and yard. The pole saw for pruning is a simple tool with a saw blade attached with a bar with the help of a string or rope.

Once you know how to restring the pole saw, it will help you in operating the saw for pruning jobs with better output. Also, working with the pole saw string is often tricky and so, knowing how to string an old rope of the pole saw is beneficial in many ways.

If you are wondering about the restring process, read our definitive tutorial on the topic completed with seven easy and straightforward steps.

How to Restring A Pole Saw with 7 Easy Steps

A manual pole saw is one of the cheapest and easy to operate the tool. You will see it widely in small to medium gardening and light-duty landscaping jobs.

Ideally speaking, you will see two main steps while restringing the pole saw the rope.

  • Firstly, checking the sturdiness of the old rope of the pole saw.
  • Secondly, restring a new rope if the older one is damaged and incapable of holding the saw blade properly.

Before you get into the steps, you will need to collect the following things:

  • A long and highly durable rope or cord
  • Safety goggles and gloves
  • Eyebolts
  • A sharp knife

The seven easy steps on how to restring include:

Step 1: Safety first

Likewise, operating with any manual and power saws, you should wear proper protective gear for safety reasons. We suggest you wear hand gloves and protective goggles to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

It will help you work with more confidence as you step further in the pole saw restring procedure.

Step 2: Removing the old rope

Now, carefully check the existing rope of the pole saw and observe if it is usable further. If you find the string still capable of functioning for a few more days, you can right away stop here.

However, if the pole saw rope is rotten or hugely damaged, you need to remove it to proceed to the next steps.  The string will be attached with the pole saw with a pulley. Use a screwdriver to untie the rope from the pulley and remove it.

However, if the pole comes with two pulleys, removing the rope can be a little tricky. At that time, use the screwdriver to unhook the rope from the two pulleys carefully and then, remove it properly.

Step 3: Tie the new pole saw the rope

After untying the older rope, you can move on to attaching the new string with the bar. At first, find the anchor eye on the bar. It is usually located ardently at the end of the pole saw moveable blade.

Once you find the anchor eye, pas the new rope through the anchor, now, it is time to inspect the pole saw design since it will determine the string connecting process. You will see either an anchor or a grommet where you would tie the rope.

Once you inspected the saw design, use a bowline or hitch to connect the rope with the anchor or grommet securely.

Step 4: Restring the rope with the pole saw

Now, you will require pulling the pole saw rope upward or downward to attach it with the pulley. In most cases, you will find the pulley on the lopper blade. It happens mostly with the pole having the anchor placed on it.

If the bar is designed to accommodate the rope in the blade end, the pulley will be in the opposite direction. Whatever may be the pulley location, pass the string through it and secure it.

Step 5: Screw the new rope

If there is an existing anchor in the pole saw, you can quickly fix the new rope with it. However, if there is no current anchor, we suggest you use an eyebolt. The screwing and tightening of the rope suing eyebolt will prevent the loosening of the rope in the future.

Step 6: Adjusting the rope length

Now, you will need to adjust the rope length depending on your comfort level. Ideally, a pole saw with shorter rope is easy to operate. You can ardently use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut the string or rope according to your comfort level.

Step 7: Knotting the rope

After you have adjusted the rope length, knot the rope end to avoid quick damage of the rope. It is crucial since all kinds of yarn start damaging from the rear.


A pole saw is an integral part of gardening and home pruning jobs. It helps you to keep your garden and yard in tiptop condition. However, the pole saw string would get damaged sooner or later, and at that time, you will need to replace the rope.

When you know how to restring a pole saw, the rope replacement will become a breeze. So, this guideline should be profitable for you.

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