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Notch Vs Jameson Pole Saw – Which Brand is Better?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 19, 2024

You may have a hard time keeping the garden clean. Why not prune the trees before the leaves can fall where you don’t want to? This is an absolutely easy job nowadays, given that there are plenty of pole saws available on the market. The only challenge is to choose the right one for your garden.

This article, however, is to introduce you to two new pole saws that are durable and efficient- yet not many people know about them. Yeah, they are Notch pole saw and Jameson Pole saw. We will discuss their features, pros and cons, and many more.

Keep reading to learn about Notch vs Jameson pole saw, in detail.

Notch Pole Saw

The Notch pole saw is a manual pole saw for landscapers and gardeners. It comes with extension poles that can reach up to 26 feet. As a result, reaching the high branches of a tree becomes a piece of cake. The poles are so sturdy and durable that you never have to worry about breaking them. Although it feels heavy on the users’ hands, the ergonomic design allows you to work for long hours.

Besides, the 9.95-Pound pole saw is not heavier than other pole saws of its kind.

Although I suggest that this is a great tool for pruning and trimming trees, you have to remember that this is not a power tool. As a result, it is likely to more time and effort than a power pole saw. However, it also comes with the advantage that you don’t need a power outlet or gas refill. It reduces hassle and maintenance costs.


  • It consists of a saw blade and three poles.
  • The three extension poles can go up to 26 feet.
  • Ergonomic design ensures that you can hold it comfortably.
  • It is relatively lightweight, weighing 9.95 Pounds.

Notch Pole Saw: Pros and Cons


  • It is a compact and lightweight pole saw.
  • Easy to handle and operate.
  • Three extension poles allow you to cut high branches of a tree
  • Inexpensive, in comparison to other pole saws.


  • Not so talked about. Yet to achieve more reliability.

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Jameson Pole Saw

Jameson Landscaper Pole Saw is one of the most popular manual pole saws. Trimming and pruning the branches, limbs, and other unwanted parts of a tree becomes an easy job with this pole saw.

It comes with a 16-inch blade and three poles. Each pole is 6 feet long. One pole has the blade mounted on one end, another pole is used as a handle, and the other one remains as an extension pole. When all three poles are connected, they make an 18-foot pole saw, reaching the high branches of a tree.

As far as the blade is concerned, it is sharp and durable. When you apply the blade on palm, oak, or any tree, it works easily and fast. It does not catch wear and tear, given that you take good care of it. Like I said about the Notch pole saw, it does not take much money and effort when it comes to taking care of a manual pole saw. Plus, you don’t need an electricity connection or refuel the saw. Make sure the blade is strong and sharp, pruning job will become a piece of cake.


  • It has a 16-inch blade which is durable and sharp.
  • It comes with 3 poles, each one is 6 inches long.
  • It is made with fiberglass components.
  • The tri-cut blade makes the cutting job easy-peasy.

Jameson Pole Saw: Pros and Cons


  • Compact and durable construction.
  • Easy to hold and operate.
  • Affordable for most landscapers.


  • The extension poles are shorter than its counterpart.

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A Comparison: Notch Vs Jameson Pole Saw

Notch Vs Jameson Pole Saw

Notch and Jameson are two manual pole saws that look very much similar to each other. Both come with three extension poles and a sharp blade. Both have an ergonomic handle that allows you to prune and trim easily and comfortably. When it comes to strength and durability, both appear to be the same. Hence, you have to look at other features so that you can choose the right manual pole saw for your garden.

The biggest difference between the two is their lengths. The Notch pole saw has an overall 26 feet of length. On the other hand, the Jameson pole saw is only 18 feet long. So, I would suggest that you buy the one that reaches the highest branches of the trees in your garden. The Notch pole saw seems to win in this regard. However, you can opt for a Jameson pole saw either if the trees in your garden are not so high.

In the end, there barely appears any difference between the two pole saws other than the length.


A manual pole saw offers you a couple of advantages. It does not need a power supply and it feels lightweight on the hands of users. But the problem is they are time-consuming and demand more effort. However, if you choose the right manual pole saw for your garden, the tiring job will become fun, in the sense that you will enjoy the long hours of work.

As I have presented you with two manual saws, Notch and Jameson, you can make a good choice based on the facts discussed in the article. Remember, it is only the length that makes all the differences when it comes to Notch vs Jameson pole saw.

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