Best Electric Pole Saws of 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

electric pole saw reviewsTrees give us shade. The shade is the best place to cool off on a warm summer day. Even so, when trees overgrow, the branches compete for nutrients. This competition prevents the trees from being lush green.

Thankfully, if you have the perfect electric pole saw, you can easily trim or prune the branches. Eventually, you will have healthier trees with greener leaves, thick branches, and better shade too.

In this post, I will give you the best electric pole saw reviews. The reviews are well-researched and will help you to make an informed choice.

In addition to that, I have also included a smart buying guide to help you. Let’s dig in and find out what we have.

Our Favorites Electric Pole Saw Comparison in 2020

6 Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews of 2020

1. Greenworks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-inch Corded Pole Saw – Editor Choice

Greenworks Electric Corded Pole Saw

Greenworks 20192 6.5 amp 8.5′ corded pole saw is our first top electric pole saw. The saw is very affordable, easy to use, and comes with some of the best features for any user. While looking at it, we managed to sample out some of the best features for any new buyer.

First, the saw features a straight shaft. The straight shaft makes trimming easy and fast. Greenworks pole saw 20192 also makes your overall sawing experience memorable.

Greenworks electric pole saw has a 6.5 Amp Electric Motor that is a great source of power. The motor starts in no time and will get the job done in the shortest time possible.

The chain’s shaft is a 3-piece aluminum shaft. It can extend easily to 8 ft. to give you the perfect extension when you need the best cut.

The next best part that this saw comes with is a sturdy 8″ steel alloy bar and chain. This combination of metallic alloy components is awesome. It gives the saw a durable design and a reliable touch.

The 8-Inch Oregon bar and chain is also ideal for trimming down the limbs in the hardest to reach areas.

More importantly, is an easy chain tensioning. The tensioning gives you the best setting for the type of cut that you need.

One thing that is quite clear about the saw’s efficiency is the automatic oiler. The oiler prevents you from getting dirty as you service your saw. It also makes oiling you saw the easiest maintenance process that you can engage in.

Even so, the saw is very portable. It measures 40.5 x 11.4 x 5.1 inches in dimensions. This Greenworks model 20192  is also very light and weighs only10.47 pounds making it very easy to pack.


  • Easy Use: Straight shaft makes trimming easy and fast
  • Powerful: 6.5 amp electric motor that is a great source of power
  • High Reach: 3-piece aluminum shaft
  • Durable: 8″ steel alloy bar and chain
  • Flexible: Reaches the hardest to reach areas
  • Efficient: Automatic oiler

  • Pricey: Costs slightly more

2. Sun Joe SWJ802E – Best Electric Pole Saw for The Money

Sun Joe SWJ802E

Another top rated electric pole saw that we want to cover in our reviews is the Sun Joe swj802e 9 ft 6.5 amp electric pole chain saw with adjustable head.

At only 7.9 lbs this saw is one of the lightest that you will find here. It is easy to use and also to handle.

The Sun Joe electric pole saw comes with a telescoping pole that allows you to stand safely on the ground while you cut on the tallest limbs.

It is also powered by a reliable 6.5-amp motor. The motor picks up faster and makes your cut an easy work to take on.

The best thing about this Sun joe chainsaw swj802e is this. It has a higher reach of about 15 ft and cuts7.5-inches thicknesses which makes it very flexible. You can cut the tallest limbs without adding anything under your feet.

Even so, I love this saw because of its 8-inch Oregon bar. The bar works with the metallic alloy chain to leave the saw with the best efficiency.

Like the model above, this one also has an auto-oiler that helps to keep the bar and the chain fully lubricated when in use.

The head is adjustable and enjoys a multi-position touch that will give you the best cuts up to 30º angles.

Thankfully, the saw is also sizeable and easy to handle. It measures 112.7 x 5.5 x 112.7 inches in dimensions.

In overall, the buildup is awesome. It is reliable and highly durable. That’s why this saw is better than most regular pole saws that you will find today.


  • Reliable: Best for cutting overhanging tree limbs
  • High Reach: Best telescoping pole with a 15 ft overhead reach
  • Versatile: Multi-position head for easy angled cuts
  • Efficient: Automatic lubrication
  • Durable: Metallic alloy components

  • Manual: No auto on and off


3. WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw – Premium Choice


The WORX Wg309 2-in-1 8 amp electric pole saw combo is another one of the perfect tree pruners that you can find in the market today.

It is easy to set up, use and comes with a unique multifunctional touch. The Worx Wg309 electric pole saw 10-inch allows you to easily attach an 8-foot extension pole. The attached pole extends easily to give you the best reach for the highest tree limbs.

With this Worx electric pole saw, you don’t have to use the ladder at all. When you have the fallen limbs, you can also detach the pole and easily chop the limbs.

One thing that many users love about this saw is this. The saw’s detachable pole will easily re-attach without using any tools. This no-tool technology makes the pole easy to work with. It also makes it quick and highly convenient.

It is a bonus that this low-maintenance saw comes with the patented auto-tensioning touch around its chain system. This type of technology helps in extending the life of the pole saw’s bar and chain.

In addition to that, the automatic oiler pump comes with an easy to read level indicator that makes it easier to operate.

This Worx 10-in 8-amp corded electric pole saw also has a rotatable handle. This is why this Worx wg309 electric pole saw is the top pruning device that you can buy.

It has a powerful 8 Amp motor that gives it a highly versatile design. The motor makes it the perfect backyard tool for any light or medium trimming, pruning, lambing, and clean up when the need arises.

The saw, like the other models that we have seen, is also a lightweight tool, it measures 42 x 8 x 9 inches in dimensions and weighs 10 pounds.


  • Easy Setup: Adjustable auto tension chain
  • Powerful: 8 Amp motor for consistent performance
  • Time Saving: Large capacity oil tank capacity of 120 ml for longer runtime
  • Flexible: Rotatable working handle that provides easy handling
  • High Reach: 8 foot extension pole

  • Costs More: Limited number of saw blades


4. Remington RM1035P Ranger II Electric Pole Chainsaw

Remington RM1035P

For the guys who need to go the extra mile in their pruning, Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw is the perfect solution.

This Remington electric pole saw is good for taking down the hard-to-reach tree branches and limbs. It offers the 2-in-1 electric pole saw combo features that allow you to gain more control over what you do.

The 2-In-1 functionality gives you the leverage to quickly use the release button to easily detach the pole from the saw. The resultant tools will be a pole saw that has converted into a versatile chainsaw for better ground cutting.

The good thing is you won’t need any tools to do that. Even so, the saw has the full wrap handle that will allow you to get better maneuverability while cutting.

Apart from these, the Remington electric pole saw also has an extendable shaft. The shaft is easy to work with and will give you up to 10-feet reach for the highest branches.

The saw head design also includes the perfect branch hook that most regular saws don’t have. The hook is good at clearing the hung-up limbs.

Don’t worry about power. The saw is powered by the 8-amp inline electric motor. The motor instantly starts the saw and gives it the momentum that it needs.

There is an automatic oiler that makes the 10-inch Bar easy to service. In addition, the saw’s telescoping handles easily pairs with flip and lock clamps, this allows you to quickly adjust the overall length of your electric pole chainsaw.

Prune in comfort using the anti-rotation shaft and its non-slip grip comfort grip. Also, remember to loosen your saw chain using the tool-free tensioner for the best cutting time.


  • Safe: Comes with a cord and handguard
  • Higher Reach: Telescoping handle
  • Easy Use: Push-button for a quick change
  • Light and highly portable: Weighs 5 pounds
  • Combo: Best 2-In-1 functionality that allows for quick detachment

  • Limited Cover: Has a limited warranty timeline


5. Sun Joe Swj800e 8-inch 6.5-amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E

The Sun Joe Swj800e 8-inch 6.5-amp telescoping electric pole chain saw like the sister above is another top rated electric pole saw.

The saw allows you to easily tackle the tallest tree branches when you want to trim them down. It is the best way to keep the dangerously grown trees under check.

This Sun Joe swj800e 8 in. 6.5 amp electric pole chainsaw is very safe. You will use it while standing on the ground and still enjoy up to 15 feet of overhead reach. No need to use a ladder or a stool.

The sun joe electric pole saw is also powered by a 6.5-amp motor. The motor is powerful enough and will pick up in no time. It gives the saw an awesome capacity that allows it to chop off limbs of up to 7.5-inches thick easily.

This pole chain saw also features an 8-inch Oregon bar and chain system. The system comes with the auto-oiler that helps to keep the saw’s bar and chain system fully lubricated whenever in use.

And unlike the gas-powered pole saw models, the Saw Joe electrical power touch sets it aside and makes it a highly reliable tool.

You don’t have to worry about fumes, smoke, or stuck starters. No costly tune-ups or downtime. The saw is a super cool tool that combines a perfect build up with a seamless performance.

It has an inbuilt safety switch that prevents any accidental start when you mistakenly leave it lying around.

This is one of the lightest electric pole saws that you can find for pruning. It measures 68.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches in dimensions and weighs just about 7 pounds.


  • High Reach: Best for cutting overhanging limbs
  • Flexible: Superior telescoping handle
  • Efficient: Has an auto lubrication system
  • Light in weight: Weighs around 6 pounds
  • Powerful: Electric motor

  • Manual: Hard to adjust tensioning


6. Earthwise PS44008 Electric Pole Saw

Earthwise PS44008

Finally, for our best corded pole saw reviews, we have the Earthwise PS44008 6.5-Amp 8-Inch electric pole saw.

The pole saw is also very reliable. It has numerous features that you will love. For once, the saw has a powerful 6.5-Amp motor. The motor offers enough power to easily tackle any trimming jobs around your house.

The Earthwise electric pole saw also features an easy to extend pole that allows the user to gain a 15-foot reach for the tall branches.

The 8″ bar and chain are also made from a metallic alloy. They are very durable and highly reliable.

Even better, the saw can make up to 30-degree cuts without straining at all. The pole saw has 2-cutting head settings that will provide a fast and clean cut.

A protective blade cover is also there. It is good for giving your blade the perfect protection especially when the saw is stored.

Thankfully, you also get to enjoy an automatic oiling system. The oiling system comes with the level window that you can easily view how much oil you have at any time.

For the perfect tensioning is a tool-free tensioner that you can use to adjust the bar and chain and enjoy the best cutting touch.

This Earthwise electric pole saw comes with a reliable corded electric plug-in. It, therefore, requires no gas to run. It is eco-friendly and will leave you with no fumes or even any form of mess.

The handle enjoys a rubberized molding with additional foam grip. This makes the handle comfortable and safe with a non-slip touch.


  • Safe: Comfortable handle with non-slip ergonomic design
  • Easy Set-Up: No tool assembly when attaching the pole to the saw
  • Adjustable: Three position rotating head
  • High Reach: Telescoping handle
  • Durable: Fiberglass handle
  • Efficient: Automatic pole saw oiling system

  • Limiting: Not suitable for big logs


Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide

Best Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide

Now that we have looked at some of the top rated electric pole saws, I know you have identified one. Well, that’s good enough. However, you don’t want to move that fast before you go through this buying guide. Here are tips that will give you the ideal choice.


There is no shortcut to this. You need a powerful tool that can easily slice through tree branches. Such a powerful tool will save time, make your work easy, and help you to use lesser effort.

In order to get this type of tool, you should look at your electric power saw’s motor capacity. A larger capacity means that you will have more power, more revolutions, and a faster job.


Best electric pole chain saw

Reach is vital. This is so since trees have different heights. Some branches will be closer to the ground while others might be higher. Make sure that your telescoping shaft can give you the maximum reach always.

I always go for over ten feet of reach. Even so, some tools are equipped to give you much more than that. You can try them anytime. Watch out for some manufacturers that give misleading overhead reach.


If you cannot afford it you cannot buy it. That’s the simplest explanation to this. The best thing to do is to get an affordable electric pole saw. To get such a saw, you should prepare a budget. Determine how much money you want to use on your pole saw.

Once you have that in place, you can then shop for your top-rated electric pole saw 2020 around that pricing.


User reviews and feedback are also good at telling you what to expect when you buy the pole saw. The top-rated electric pole saw such as the ones we have here go through various tests before we give you. We compare them to other models in terms of the following.

  • Construction
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Number of cuts per minute

This means that you can be sure to get the right tools by reading through. We also compare user feedbacks, which give use a true picture.


Best electric pole purner

How heavy the electric pole saw is will also determine if you will buy it or not. People who don’t pose so much masculinity will tend to go with lighter models. The well-built guys might opt for the slightly heavy models.

Whichever the case, you need something that you can easily use for long. Typically, cutting branches is not a one time job. It can extend for hours.


Simple as it may sound, many people often ignore warranty. That’s wrong. For tools that you have invested so much into such as a pole saw, you need to get a warranty. Warranties are very helpful in case your saw experiences some manufacturing damage along the way.

Warranties will give you the best repairs. It will also save you so much money as it works more like an after sale service.


A saw that you spend on should be very versatile. It is good to have a saw that can offer more than just a single functionality. A pole saw that can work as a chainsaw and also a pole saw will be an awesome buy.

You will save so much money and get to kill two birds with a single stone. In case your saw can offer much more than just an overhead trim, it will be fantastic.

Safety Tips

Best Electric Pole Saw safety tips

In case you have bought your electric pole saw, it is also important that you learn the right tips for its use. There are a number of tips that will come in handy. I have included them here to guarantee your safety when using the saw.

  • Power Plug

The very first safety tip when using a corded pole saw is to ensure that the pole is properly plugged into the power plug. A loose plug can trigger sparks that can turn to be very fatal. They can also cause accidental electrocution.

If the pole saw is not in use, you should also make sure that it is unplugged from the socket. Leaving your pole saw plugged in when you aren’t using it is dangerous. Someone can accidentally switch it on and get hurt too.

  • Seal Open Cords

The top-rated pole saws electric cords should be sealed off. There should be no open places or unsealed live wires. Such live wires can easily cause electrocution. It is, therefore, wise to makes sure that in case there is any form of opening in the cord, you seal it off.

  • Use Protective Gears

Another very important safety tip when using the top electric pole chainsaw is to wear protective gear. You should wear a helmet, gloves, work shoes, goggles, and mouth guard too. More importantly, you should ensure that what you wear fits perfectly always.

  • Keep of the Way Too

If you don’t trim your branches when out of the way, they might fall back and hurt you. Keeping some distance away will be very important. You must ensure that you aren’t in the path of the falling branches at all.

  • Don’t Cut if You Can’t See

Guys who have a visual impairment are not encouraged to use pole saws. Using these tools in such a state can be very dangerous. When using a pole saw, you have to be very alert. You must always keep an eye out for anything that falls.

FAQs about Electric Pole Saw

In this section, I will give some of the top 5 common questions that people ask about electric tree trimmers. Let’s dig in.

How Do Electric Pole Saws Work?

Ans. Electric pole saws have an inbuilt motor. When the pole saw is plugged into the power socket, the electricity powers up the motor. Once the motor is powered, the motor triggers the chain saw rotation.
The chainsaw will rotate around the steel bar and in the process cut through the branch. The faster the chainsaw rotates, the faster the cut.

Can Chain Saws Be Used as Pole Saws?

Ans. Normal chainsaws cannot be used as pole saws. However, a combo electric pole saw can double up as a power chainsaw. This is because the pole saw can be dismounted from its shaft and transformed into a handheld saw for simple cuts.
I must point out one thing though; most of these saws are designed for cutting branches. What this means is this, in case you it doubles up as a chainsaw, it won’t be able to cut through the bigger branches.

What Are Pole Saw Shafts Made of?

Ans. Some of the top electric poles saw shafts are made of fiberglass. Others are made of aluminum metal alloy. The most important thing is that you get a model that lasts longer and one that you can easily carry around.
NOTE: The extended pole needs you to extend it and support the sections. You should look for a tool-free design. Such a design will save you a lot of time and also give you an opportunity to size up your pole saw anytime.

Do Electric Pole Saws Emit Smoke?

Ans. No. These models are maintenance free. They are easy to use and unlike the gas models will hardly emit smoke. That’s why many people who have electric pole saws often enjoy smooth cutting experiences.

How Often Can I Use My Pole Saw?

Ans. That depends on what you need to do. If your trees are seasonal trees that shade off leaves, you will hardly use the pole saw. However, if the trees are all-season trees, you might have to use it a lot.


Whether you are looking for the longest electric pole saw or just a medium sized option, you must always keep your mind open. The choice of a pole saw that you make will also influence the frequency that you use it.

A sturdy and durable saw will last longer. A shorter pole saw will give you a limited reach. And a longer version will leave you with the perfect overhead leverage. Even so, it is important that you find out what the past experiences have been.

I always recommend going with user feedback if you cannot get the top electric pole saw reviews. User feedbacks will give you a better understanding of how to get the best saw and more importantly a model that suits you.

When choosing the best electric pole saw, however it is important to get one that is energy efficient. Such a model will save you from paying huge electricity bills. It will also leave you with an easy to manage saw.

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