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Best Electric Pole Saws in 2024 – [Top Pick & Reviews]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 14, 2024

Is it safe to climb on a ladder with sharp tools to trim branches?

Obviously not. Nobody would affirm this statement. It is highly dangerous and also life-threatening. The best system for pruning tree branches is using pole saws.

You will find various types of pole saws in the market; one such is the electric one. The electric pole saw is a great alternative for the gas ones and more powerful than the battery-powered ones.

Considering all these facts, I have made a perfect list of the best electric pole saws and reviewed them unbiasedly in the following section.

You are going to find some incredible corded electric pole saws here with a wide variation in characteristics. I hope one of them can make it to your workshop.

Our Top Picks

5 Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews

In this section, we are going to reviews 5 of the best electric pole chainsaws. Each of them is highly competent and worthy to be selected. Let’s read the electric pole saw reviews and see which one meets your needs.

1. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain SawThe first expectation from a pole saw is always its length. The longer the better. Minding that, I started the list with one such good example of a long electric pole saw.

You can expect a very calming trimming session from this Sun Joe electric pole saw. It will help you reach 15 ft over the head to reach the crown part of the tree. You do not have to worry about being wearied off for carrying pole for long. Its lightweight slender body does not weigh much.

It remains packed and can be increased in length on the go with its simple telescoping system. No extra tool no extra hassle. Just by light twists you can open the knot and extend the pole. Extend it to your desired length and lock it again.

Corded pole saws can be annoying if the wire is not placed in the right way. The wire coming on the way to work is not acceptable at all. And this is highly prioritized in this saw. The wire is placed strategically at the end of the handle. This position is best for avoiding tangling of the wire and create disturbances while trimming.

The main feature to check on for a powered tool is its power. And so is the same for his Sun Joe electric pole saw. The saw is powered by a highly capable 6.5 Amp motor. Your pruning work can run smoothly with this strength without any hindrance. You can cut up to 7.5 inches branches using this capable tool. This is enough for any small to medium tree pruning work.

Key Features

    • Has a working height of 15 ft. Can reach the crown part of the tree easily.
    • Tool-less telescoping pole extending feature. Pole can be increased in length on the go.
    • Strategically placed the cord at the end of the handle. Avoids all entanglement of wire.
    • Powered by a competent 6.5 Amp motor. Gives the capability to cut through 7.5 inches branches.

2. Worx WG309 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Worx WG309 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Nothing can beat the 2 in 1 offer. So, for now, time for such a mind-blowing pole saw that can offer you such a deal. Yes, this is the Worx 2 in 1 electric pole saw chain saw. Buying one, you get the benefit of both.

It is mainly an electric pole saw. The saw offers you all the functions required for trimming trees as a pole saw. The first aspect required for being a pole saw is having a long pole. And that’s why this pole saw includes a long pole that can reach about 10 inches to cut high up branches.

Besides fulfilling the needs of being a pole saw, this saw can be transformed into a well-formed chain saw. You can get yourself an independently working chainsaw just by taking off the main cutting head. It has a simple mechanism and an easy taking-off system. You won’t be facing any jam or difficulty.

All the major functionality settings are included in the cutting head. Its tensioning feature, auto lubrication system, motor, wiring, everything is placed on the main cutting head. This facilitates it in easy transformation for it.

This telescoping electric pole saw chain saw has a unique pole. The pole handle can be rotated any way you require. You can rotate it while trimming at the best angle possible to make the right cut. It might seem a mere feature but its importance can be realized when you use it yourself.

Key Features

    • 2 in 1 pole saw-chainsaw. Can get the features of both from one.
    • Gives a reaching capability of about 10 inches high as a pole saw.
    • Highly functional chainsaw with all the necessary features.
    • Telescoping pole with rotating capability. Can cut at any angle as per your desire.

3. Sun Joe SWJ803E Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ803E Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

Until now I have mentioned only the straight-headed pole saws. Now it’s time for some angle headed ones. And the first angle headed one is this highly competent Sun Joe tree trimming electric saw.

Your gardening sessions will be the best time of your day while working with this capable one. It can give you the ultimate experience of trimming. The best one among all its necessary aspects is how you can rotate the head into multiple angles. You can keep it straight-headed or can bend it to any angle up to 30o as per your necessity.

The bent head can be rested on the branch more comfortably. You can reach up to 14 ft overhead to reach high up branches. While reclining the cutting head on such a high branch, half of the task is done by gravity itself. The resting position of the head remains in such a way that gravity pulls it down to facilitate the cut.

However, it’s not merely gravity. This able tool is powered by its mighty 8 Amp motor. It generates high blade speed to cut through branches effortlessly. You can go up to a massive 9.5 inches thickness while doing the trimming. Practically it is seen that you can actually go farther than this. Many users reviewed for this powerful saw to be exceeding this range.

Machinery items have many problems at many times. You can be using it with the utmost care possible, but it still might get issues. No worries. For any type of problems faced during the use of this Sun Joe pole saw, you can contact their customer service right away.

Key Features

    • It is an angle headed pole saw. Can be bent up to 30o
    • Has an actual height of 8.8 ft which can reach up to 14 ft overhead. Can effortlessly reach the tree crown parts for trimming.
    • Powered by a mighty 8 Amp motor. Can cut up to 9.5 inches thick branches.
    • Has a great after-sales service.

4. WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole SawThe lighter the saw the better it is. You won’t be having any hand pain or shoulder aches after cutting a few branches. Thinking about that, I have exhibited this feather-like Wen electric pole saw. This powered tree pruning saw weighs merely 6.7 pounds which won’t let you feel a thing.

To increase support this saw includes a shoulder strap. You can connect it to its given strap bracket on the pole and carry the saw with it. This additional feature helps to divide the weight of the saw to hand and your shoulder. Thus, you can work at the utmost ease.

Your comfort has been highly prioritized in its design. Every single adjusting features are made tool-free so that you can make your touch up adjustments in seconds. You don’t have to run around with extra equipment and be completely free from extra disturbances.

It has an auto lubricating feature. This automatic system always keeps your blade chain oiled. It is very important for ensuring the durability of the blade. Helps the blade to keep working smoothly. And the best part, you don’t have to lay a finger for this important job. Just fill the oil tank and your job is done.

This oiling system facilitates the speeding of the blade. However, the main rotating task is done by its powerful 6 Amp motor. You get a massive blade speed of 36 FPS. The faster the blade moves the deeper and faster the cut moves. So, you can guess how your trimming session would be with this competent tool.

Key Features

    • The most lightweight pole saw on the list. Weighs merely 6.7 pounds.
    • Includes a shoulder strap facility. Increases support while working.
    • Has an auto lubricating system for oiling the blade chain.
    • Powered by a 6 Amp motor. Can generate a blade speed of 36 FPS.

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw

This electric pole saw is one of the top-rated electric pole saws that can be found in the market. It’s the standard maintaining Scotts Outdoor Power Tools electric pole saw. It is preferred by many professionals for their tree trimming projects.

If you are looking for something best in its length, then you found it at last. This proficient saw is the longest electric pole saw on this list. It reaches a massive 9.5 inches in its complete extended form. You can speculate how high it can go overhead.

The high reaching poles many times be so heavy. It’s normal to think like that. But not for this saw. Its lightweight body weighs lower than 7 pounds. You can comfortably carry it around and complete your trimming jobs.

The grip is very important for handling such a long pole saw. And it is fully equipped with all the necessary rubber over moldings to ensure nonslip handling for you. Its handle includes a tight grip ensured rubber covering. On the pole, it also consists of a foam clutch. All these together will give you the highest support necessary for handling the pole straight high up above the ground.

Long length can be hassling if you can’t place it correctly on the tree branch for trimming. But this pole saw is all square. You won’t find a single drawback for it. To maintain this succession, it consists of a flexible cutting head feature. You can place it on any tree branch at any angle between 0o to 30o. A pole saw couldn’t be any more perfect than this.

Key Features

    • The longest electric pole saw so far. It can be extended form is 9.5 inches.
    • Has a lightweight body that is very comfortable to use.
    • Important handling points are covered by a rubber grip. Provides the utmost support without any slipping issues.
    • Has a flexible cutting head with 5 different angle positions up to 30o

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Pole Saw

To assist you in your electric pole saw shopping, I am going to write a simple and useful guide. I hope it will help you to filter down your search and finally find the one you have been looking for for a long time.

Amperage of Motor

Best Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide

The power of electric pole saws is judged based on the amperage of their motor. The ampere doesn’t designate how powerful it is. The unit exhibited on the motors denotes the limit of energy the motor can absorb to generate power.

Lower amperage motors have lower limits where the higher ones have more. When the energy transmission limit exceeds, the motor gets overheated and wears off.

The high amperage motors can generate higher power by absorbing more and without getting heated. These can give better performance and ideal for heavy usage.

Cutting Head

Best electric pole purner

The cutting head of the electric pole saws can be of various types based on the angle. It can be straight-headed, slightly bent, or flexible. All these have their own purposes and advantages.

The straight-headed one is good for cutting high up branches. You will be already struggling to get hold of the hard to reach branches on the crown part. If the head is not straight, it will be hard for you to place it properly to initiate the cut.

On the contrary, the angle headed one is better for the slightly lower branches. You can place the angled head on the tree branch and let the gravity work for you. It makes cutting easier and smooth.

Both are valuable in their own respects. In this case, the flexible headed one will be a better deal. You can adjust the flexible head on to your required angle and make your cut. Thus, you can get the facility of both.


electric pole saw reviews

Electric tools are meant to get crooked at times. They are not a hundred percent perfect and if perfect, can’t stay that way forever. One in a thousand tools can be the defected one or can get broken. That’s why the facility of warranty.

All the electronic devices must be given with this service. The electric pole saws are no different. You might find some problems with your pole saw too. So, whichever pole saw you choose, choose the one that ensures genuine warranty at times of need.

You can find many brands ensuring warranty for a complete year or more. All the brands listed here are warranted for more than a year. You can take a deeper look by going to the links. They will support you any time you reach out to them regarding their product issues.

Operating System

Best electric pole chain saw

The operating system of any tool must be made simple for effortless use of it. Complexity increases pressure and kills time too. For a pole saw, many important adjustments need to be made before starting to cut.

The saw blade must be oiled properly, blade tension needs to be fixed, the length of the pole must be set and then your saw will be ready to go. And all these functions are required to be done by a simple operating system.

You definitely do not want to run around searching for the right screwdriver or other tools here and there for them. That’s why get the pole saw which has the easiest adjustability and operating system.

FAQs about Electric Pole Saw

In this section, we are going to gather some of the most frequently asked questions and professional answers related to electric pole saws and their usages. Let’s check them out.

Is it worth it to buy a pole saw?

Ans. Climbing a ladder itself is a risky process. Balancing yourself on it is a big fuss. On top of it, when you get on it holding a sharp cutting tool in your hand, the risk multiplies.

No accident comes giving prior notice. It will take seconds to slip off the ladder and injure yourself with the cutting object. It can be a small cut or a deadly one. That’s why by all means this system of trimming trees by climbing ladders should be avoided. For this, the best solution is using a pole saw.

Pole saw is the safest alternative for trimming trees. You can cut and clean your trees easily standing right on the ground. Such saws are constructed likewise to maintain all safety steps while trimming.

All in all, it is worth it to buy a pole saw than to put your life at risk.

Which one is better: electric or gas pole saw?

Ans. Conventionally gas pole saws have been used worldwide for tree trimming. The gas pole saws are cordless pole saws that can deliver the superior capability of trimming. These pole saws can cut thicker branches and are used for big trimming projects.

However, gas pole saws have huge drawbacks. This form of pole saws is really harmful to both environment and human health. The gas being burnt for powering creates a fume. This fume spreads in the open air and pollutes it badly. And the noise these create is hard to bear for long hours.

Besides gas pole saws mostly remain very heavy. So, they are very problematic to carry. Plus, their mechanism is such that they require regular maintenance and oiling.

On the other hand, electric pole saws use clean energy and do not cause harm to the environment. They can be as competent as gas pole saws without showing any drawbacks as the gas ones.

Hence, considering all the facts the decision can be stated that the electric ones are better than the gas pole saws.

What is the construction material for poles of pole saws?

Ans. Pole saws are made of lightweight materials. The construction of the saw’s pole is always done considering the weight it will have.

As it is a long object which needs to be carried straight upright, the material is always chosen to be the lightest one.

The most common materials that are used are lightweight aluminum and fiberglass. These give the pole rigidity and weightlessness both at the same time.

How thick branches an electric pole saw can cut?

Ans. An electric pole saw is a highly capable saw that can cut thick branches. It can cut through small twigs to bulky tree branches of certain diameters.

Twigs are normally not that hard for such saws to chop of. But the thick branches must be dealt with caution. An electric pole saw can cut through branches thicker than 8 inches.

However, you shouldn’t go any further than 8 inches. It is better to take professional help for cutting thicker than that considering safety issues.

Final Words

As you set down for buying an electric pole tree trimmer, I bet you already have a goal set for what you want. To keep up with your choices and requirements, I have collected only the best electric pole saws with all the necessary features on them.

I tried to filter them based on the most needed attributes on a pole saw. None of them is lesser than the other. It will be a win-win deal for you no matter which one you settle for.

The pruning sessions can be a mess if you don’t use the right tool. All you have to do is just choose for yourself that right one. Among all these bests you might be lost in thoughts of which one to go for.

If you ask me to make a call, I would suggest you go for Scotts Outdoor Power Tools electric pole saw. I picked this pole saw considering its strength and various advantageous features. For more information about the saw, you can check the link on it.

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