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Best Cordless Pole Saws of 2024 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 16, 2024

Trimming can be extremely easy if you have the right tool.

If you use a gas-powered pole saw, stop using it. If you are thinking of what saw to use for trimming, I would suggest the battery-powered cordless pole chainsaw. You will never look back to the gas ones.

The battery-powered tree trimmers offer smooth service with less noise and more safety. They usually have a very lightweight structure making them easy to carry and handle. You can do your trimming job nonstop without getting tired.

Get a battery-powered tree branch trimmer and use it for your next trimming project; you will see the difference. Let’s get the best cordless pole saw.

Our Top Picks

Top 5 Cordless Pole Saw Reviews of 2021

To find the perfect one, you need to search only among the best ones. I have chosen the 5 best battery-powered pole saws for filtering your search and making the journey much easier.

1. EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Cordless Pole Saw – Editor Choice

EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment for EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head System

The first thing you need is a solid and stable pole saw for your trimming business. You definitely don’t want it to crack in the middle and drop down on your head. That’s why it’s important to have quality ensured devices for such a dangerous job. And this pole saw from Ego Power+ ensures exactly that.

This PSA 1000 is made of standard maintained body parts to ensure rigidity and stability. The strong weather-resistant construction of the device allows it to go through all tough situations. The robust body helps it to stay put even during kickbacks. You are going to be completely safe while cutting even the thick branches.

You can add extensions to the existing pole to add on the length. By adding one extension, you can reach approximately 10ft of height. With a second extension, it reaches about 13ft.

This saw attachment includes one Oregon 10” sprocket nose bar and chain. The sprocket nose bar uses less power to turn the chain and help it to increase cutting and plunging. This chain also has double guard bars to avoid unwanted rebounds. The chain bar comes mounted to the attachment covered by a sheath for your safety.

It is compatible with EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion power head system. You have to buy this powerhead separately. But once you buy it, you can power over 40 EGO Power+ tools with it. This battery has been industrially developed with the most advanced technology to offer you fantastic performance. It has an innovative cooling feature to allow you to use uninterruptedly for longer hours.

Key Features

    • Strong and steady body structure. Can tackle kickbacks.
    • Comes along 10” Oregon sprocket nose bar and chain.
    • Using extensions, it can reach a height from 10ft to 13ft.
    • Compatible with EGO Power+ 56 Volt Lithium Ion power head system.

2. Greenworks 20672 G-Max 40v 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw – Premium Pick

Greenworks 20672 g-max 40v 8-inch cordless pole saw

A pole saw is made to cut the unreachable branches. But the higher the branch the straighter your saw becomes with respect to the tree. In that case, it turns out to be a little difficult for cutting. That’s when you require an angled headed pole saw for effortless trimming. And this pole saw from Greenworks is just the thing you are searching for.

This angle headed pole saw comes along an 8” chained bar, which cuts through small to medium-sized tree efficiently. The chain continuously gets oiled automatically without disturbing you during your work. All you have to do is apply the required amount of oil on the tank before starting. Its translucent oil tank makes it easy for you to keep track of the oil level.

Unlike other pole saws with screws for adjusting chain tension, it has a visible and easily rotatable hand knob for this job. It is placed just on the opposite side of the tank. You can without any difficulty tighten or lose the chain tension as you want it to be.

The standard length of this pole is 6ft. By using an extension, you can increase the length up to 8ft to reach the high branches. However, it is very light in weight even though having a long body.

This Greenwork cordless pole saw is powered by G-Max 40V Lithium-Ion battery. It comes along battery and charger. If you want, you can also buy the tool only. But buying it along with the battery and charger is indeed the best deal. You can power multiple tools with this battery system.

Key Features

    • Angled headed pole saw makes it easier to cut unreachable branches.
    • Includes an 8” chained bar for cutting small to medium-sized branches.
    • Has an easy chain adjusting system and automatic chain oiler.
    • Powered by G-Max 40V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

3. Black+Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw – Best for the Money

Black and Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw

Pole saw is all about its length. The longer the pole will be, the higher it can reach and serve its job. In order to fulfill the purpose perfectly, Black+Decker has brought out this efficient pole saw with maximum length. You can reach approximately 14 ft high with this superefficient pole saw.

At times the length of the device also influences its weight. But not for this black and decker lpp120 pole saw. Despite having such a long pole attachment, it would not be heavy on you. You can swiftly work with this holding it high without getting tired.

It contains an 8” bar and chain mounted with the saw. You can cut branches of up to 6” diameter approximately with this competent guide bar. Whether cutting a twig from a lower or higher part of the tree, it will cut all with equal efficiency.

On one go, you can have up to 100 cuts of branches. It allows you to do your job uninterruptedly. And it all is possible because of its heavy-duty max powered lithium-ion battery. You can easily install and remove it without having any hindrance. This battery gives high power and longer runtime.

This pole saw from Black+Decker comes in multiple collections with variations. It also has combos with leaf collection bin and attachment kit. You can buy it with or without the battery as per your choice. You can find both 2.0 AH and 3.0 AH batteries. It is better to buy with batteries as this versatile powerhead is compatible with multiple lawn and power equipment.

Key Features

    • The pole has a maximum length of 14ft to reach high branches.
    • Includes an 8” efficient chain bar. It can cut diameters of approximately 6”.
    • In one charge it can give service to cut about 100 branches.
    • Compatible with versatile 20V Max lithium-ion battery.

4. CRAFTSMAN CMCCSP20M1 Battery Powered Pole Saw

CRAFTSMAN CMCCSP20M1 Battery Powered Pole Saw

This pole saw from Craftsman is so far the best battery operated pole saw with the maximum number of properties. The versatile saw has loaded in its sleeves to sway you. From good looks to efficiency, it has all.

The most important part of the saw is its head. The angled head of this saw makes it very convenient for cutting branches from the higher parts of trees. You can reach up to 14ft with extensions to cut branches from the crown of a tree with this efficacious device. An angled head with a 14ft tall pole saw is like an icing on the cake for a pole saw.

Not only that, but its head also consists of a branch hook. At first glance, it might look unimportant. But when you use it, you will see how beneficial it can be. After cutting the branch, it will help you to pull the cut piece off from the tree.

The pole comes with an 8” efficient chain bar, which remains mounted to the cutting head. The mounted blade remains covered by a protective sheath to maintain safety. This highly efficient chain blade will help you to cut around 6” of diameter. That is, you can cut from any small to medium-sized branch effortlessly.

It also includes a 4AH lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This powerhead ensures a nonstop service for your trimming business. With one charge, you can make up to 325 cuts without hindrance.

Besides having the collection with the battery, it has other collections, including a chainsaw and a trimmer. You can make your best deal choosing from the best collections.

Even though having so many cool features with extensive length and highly efficient powerhead system, the Craftsman cordless pole saw is effortlessly portable. You can easily carry and manage it using its rubber grip handle.

Key Features

    • Angled cutting head for effortless trimming on the crown part.
    • Pole can be extended up to 14ft.
    • Includes 8” chain bar to cut up to 6” diameter.
    • It also includes a 4AH rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

5. Greenworks PSPH40B210 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks PSPH40B210 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

And in the end, we have another cordless pole saw from Greenworks which is the exclusive one among all. This specific pole saw includes with it a hedge trimmer attachment.

Besides cutting down the branches, you also need to trim the edges of your big tree a little for fancy. In such cases, you will require a hedge trimmer that this Greenworks pole saw includes.

This hedge trimmer consists of 20 inches dual-action blade to carry out trimming smoothly and effortlessly. It has a cutting capability of 5/8 inches allowing you to trim the bushy trees on your garden. The blade is made of hard steel to last long and deliver durable service.

The hedge trimmer has a pivoting head for giving you the flexibility of moving it. It can move from its initial position to up to making a 95o angle with the pole. Within this angle, you can have 8 different positions helping you to get the perfect angle for trimming swiftly.

You can increase the length of the pole hedge trimmer by adding extensions. The standard length for the pole is 6ft. You can increase the length up to 8ft to reach the high parts of the trees.

The Greenworks cordless pole is made of light aluminum for maximum maneuverability. Plus, the handle is cushioned with soft rubber to give you a non-slipping grip. You can easily carry and use it without much effort.

The best part of the saw is that you can easily swap from the hedge trimmer to chain saw in no time. Both of them are powered by the 2AH lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can also buy the pack without the battery.

Key Features

    • Includes both pole chainsaw and hedge trimmer for efficient trimming.
    • 20 inches hedge trimming and 8” chain bar blade.
    • The standard length of the pole is 6ft. With the extension, it increases to 8ft.
    • Can swap easily from a pole chain saw to a hedge trimmer by switching the powerhead.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Pole Saw

Choosing the right pole saw will be a little tricky. Here are some key factors to look for while buying a cordless pole saw. I hope this guide will make the selection process much easier.

Power of the Saw

Best Cordless Pole Saw

The first thing to look for before buying a saw is its power. The more powerful the saw is, the more effective its work will be. You must judge the saw by its power than by its look.

By the power of the pole saw, it means the power its battery possesses. The power of the battery is measured in Volt. A well standard maintaining powerful battery of a pole saw might possess around 40V to 80V. Such batteries remain very powerful.

If the saw is not powerful enough, it might not work effectively as you want it to be. You will find trees with branches of different diameters with a rugged body. The saw must have a powerful battery to ensure the safe cutting of those branches without unnecessary rebounds. The faster the battery can turn the chain, the greater will be the efficacy of the saw to cut the branches.

Chain Guide Bar

The chain and bar are very significant for a pole saw. The chained guide bar is the main part that will cut the branches. So, it has to be highly efficient to do its job properly.

The important factor to be noticed in a chain is its sharpness and rigidity. The chain is the exposed part that faces the cutting surface. So, it must be sharp enough to cut through the surface efficiently. It is also advantageous to have a double guarded chain. Such chains have low kickback effects.

As for the guide bar, you will find a solid nose bar and sprocket nose bar. It is more beneficial to have the sprocket ones. Such a guide bar uses 25% less energy to rotate the chain and thus efficient in its work.


Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672

Pole saws are meant to belong and carried vertically. In this situation, they must have maximum maneuverability. Otherwise, they will be hard to use.

Concerning the height, the pole saw must not have much weight. The greater weight will increase the difficulty in carrying the saw. And this weight depends on the material of the body.

The poles of the pole saws must have a lightweight construction. Many pole saws are made of lightweight fiberglass or light aluminum to have a weightless structure. This is exclusively done to ensure effortless portability. In your search for a pole saw, make sure you find the lightweight pole so that you can use it without much difficulty.

Efficient Handling System

In your search for a perfect pole saw, look for the ones with an easy handling system. You will find so many good quality pole saws ensuring effortless portability. Such pole saws have a good grip system. They contain rubber grips over the pole for letting you hold it tight without any slip. The main handle also remains cushioned with soft non-slipping rubber for ensuring maximum grip.

These grips not only given for easy handling but also safety issues. If the powered pole saw by any mistake slips out of your hand, it may create a huge accident and can be fatal too. To avoid such hazards, you must buy a pole saw which ensures efficient handling and a holistic grip system.

Highest Length of the Saw

The length of the pole saw is an important factor. The pole saws are used for reaching the unreachable parts of the tree. They have to be long enough to do so. Before buying a pole saw, you must know the highest length it can reach to trim a tree.

The modern cordless pole saws have versatile attachable extensions to extend the length of the pole. You can use extensions of various lengths for this purpose. Often multiple numbers of extensions are also used. It helps in increasing the length of the detachable pole saw.

You will also find fixed pole saws in the market which cannot use extensions to increase the length. It is better to use flexible ones. These give you enough room to have multiple lengths in one pole saw.

FAQs About Cordless Pole Saw

What Is the Benefit of Battery-powered Saw Over a Gas Saw?

Ans. The battery-powered chain saws are more user-friendly than gas pole saws. The rechargeable pole saws are eco-friendly. They do not emit any kind of harmful pollutants while trimming. Such tree trimmers are safer to use than a gas-powered pole saw.

The battery-powered tree trimmers are an ideal choice for home use. They do not require high maintenance. Some of these do not need maintenance at all. They are much quieter and perform the job efficiently. Even they are super flexible to carry unlike the gas-powered pole saws.

How Much Does an Average Cordless Pole Saw Cost?

Ans. An average pole saw may cost from $125 to $300. The price of the pole saws is not that sky high in comparison to how much it takes to rent it.

Within this average price range, you can find comparatively a good quality cordless pole saw for your trimming works.

How Powerful the Battery of a Pole Saw Should Be to Deliver Efficient Service?

Ans. The power of the battery of pole saws is measured in volts. The higher the volt the more powerful the battery is. Generally, this ranges from 40V to 80V. The battery delivering power within this range is a powerful one. And the more powerful the battery is the more efficient the saw will be.

The EGO Power+ PSA 1000 pole saw from the suggestion list is the most powerful among all the mentioned pole saws here. It has a 56Volt lithium-ion battery to power it.

How Long Can a Cordless Pole Saw Be?

Ans. In the market, you can find pole saws of around 10ft. The length can be more or less than this.

In the above-mentioned suggestion list, the pole saws from the Craftsman and Black+Decker have the pole saws of the length extending up to 14ft whereas the pole saws from the EGO Power+ and Greenworks can be extended up to 13ft and 8ft respectively.

Can I Use a Pole Saw to Cut Short Plants Horizontally?

Ans. No, you cannot use a pole saw for cutting anything horizontally. It will be extremely dangerous to use a pole saw closer to land. The battery-powered pole saws remain very powerful to turn their chained blade with comparatively high speed.

The chained blades are designed to create high friction with the cutting surface to trim efficiently. When such a fast-moving chain blade hits the ground, it can create huge kickbacks leading to dangerous accidents.

My Two Cents at the End

The gas pole saws are far behind from the comfortability you will achieve from a battery-powered cordless pole saw. The best battery pole saw can give you an incredible experience that a gas pole saw can never give. It’s high time you get your own battery-powered pruning saw.

Making up your mind for one of the best cordless pole saw among all the mind-blowing pole saws will be tough. To help you with that, I will suggest you take a closer look at the versatile and highly powerful EGO Power+ PSA 1000 pole saw. This highly efficient saw will surely not disappoint you.

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