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How To Use A Pole Saw Correctly

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Pole saw can be your best tool pruning high branches or thick vine. Easy to operate with little knowledge. How to use a pole saw can save you from hiring professionals.

Pole saw; neglected tools, hard to use for beginners, yet a great tool for versatile use. Pruning, trimming & styling the tree pole saw is a role model.

Cutting branches too thick vine, it’s a tough job. Using a ladder to climb and trim is also risky. With the help of the pole saw, we can easily do the wonders.

Learn How to Use A Pole Saw

How To Use A Pole Saw

Before learning how to use a Pole saw, I want to write about the precaution and safety issues of this saw.

Before You Start Your Pole Saw / Precaution (Advice)

Pole saw is an excellent tool in use to trimming and pruning branches of a tree or thick vine. To shape the tree for fruits or to clean your tree, this saw is a pro tool.

Though cutting branches above the ground is dangerous, and for a beginner, this could be a hazard unless you learn to use it. There is a manual guide inside the box.

Let me write some precaution before start using pole saw:


Having a good cloth using pole saw is a plus point. In case you face any trouble or branches fall upon you. The casualty will be lesser.

Clean yard

Make sure there is no one under the tree. Maybe any power source, electric wire, etc. before cutting better to check it.

Checking for electric wire

Electric source or wire could bring a possible disaster if you are not an expert in cutting with a pole saw. It’s okay to leave some work for professionals.


The eye can be the first spot where you can get the bark of the branch fall very fast. So be cautious about the eye.

Cleaning capacity after pruning

The wood you cut shouldn’t be lying there after the pruning tree. Cut the branches with Chain Saw and store it for future use.

Pole Saw Safety Tips

Let’s discuss the safety issues of the pole saw in detail.

Thick branches

Branches thicker than 9 inches are hard to cut correctly. Proper roping and professionals can work on this type of office. Please be careful, cutting thick branches. Over the years, there are many horrific accidents happened for not being careful.

Above 8 feet is heavy and tiring

Working above 8 feet or more is very tiring to maintain the saw. A long time of work can lead to any dangerous situation.

Never work near the power line

Working near the electric line, cutting vine many accidents occurs previously. So I recommend never work near an electrical wire or any power source.

Chain should not be too loose

Pole saw it come up with a chain that used in the blades. Make sure to tight the string properly. A loose chain can cause a possible accident or damage the pole saw.

Oil measurement

The oil box has a measurement meter. Full to low. Check the oil box from time to time if it’s needed more oil. It’s crucial. Without the correct amount of oil, the operating pole will lead to severe damages.

Besides the mentioned problem, our research show some real-life problem which I am adding:

  • Eye injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Injuries from cut branches falling on the operator (commonly known as a “struck by” injury)
  • Injuries to bystanders and workmates
  • Vibration (white finger) damage

Pole Saw Cutting Basics

To start cutting with the pole saw, we need to learn about the basics of how to prune. And those are:

Clear the working area based on tree size

Clearing the area is an utmost urgency before start using the saw. According to professionals restricting around 50 feet radius is important to avoid any danger. It’s better to have someone on guard not to let anyone entering the working property.

Though it seems the small branches or vine are harmless, it can be the reason for the fatal accident. And be careful if something goes wrong. Must prepare to move a safe place as early as possible.

Proper planning before cutting

When we plan to prune the branches, sometimes the tree branches are positioned in some fragile places. There could be a hut, fence, or any power sources.

So before cutting, we need to be careful and have a proper plan, how are we going to execute the work.

Select branches from a lower side

Reaching the top branch will require you to cut the lower limbs first. First, start from the lower branches to create a passage for higher branches so that you can make a smooth cut.

Positioning the saw

Grab the saw with both hands in a natural way. Put your right hand on the trigger area, and left hand on the body of the saw.

Now set your saw correctly to your choice and place where you want to cut.

Stand in a proper place

If you stand under the branch you are cutting, imagine what will happen. Place yourself a safer spot, from where there is no risk and easy to cut the branches.

Start cutting

Cutting with a pole saw is relatively easy. If you have followed all the tips as I mentioned, place the top of the desired branch or limb of the tree. Switch your saw and see the branches or limbs cutting.

If the branch is thicker and you need to make a jump cut, be relaxed, and make a cut underneath first. This way thick branches pruning will be more comfortable.

Finish your cut and clean the area

Once your saw perfectly fits on the groove, you can adjust your speed of the pole to finish the cut.

It’s always better to clean the branches before making a new cut. If the branches are not so thick, make a simple cut and store it. And if the branch is more abundant and you have a chain saw, cut with it and store it. Or else take professionals help.

Even with some drawbacks pole-saw is an amazing tool. For house and small garden to backyards trees branch, limbs or vine, everything can be dealt with this machine. I will be writing about Pole saw uses, type and blades soon.

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