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6 Different Types of Pole Saws (with Pictures)

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Pole saw a tree pruning tool that helps to save you from accidents that occurs, cutting the limbs or vines. A ladder or hanging around a tree to cut branches is not the right way. To make the cutting job easy, Pole saw is the best suite.

In the Market, different types of pole saws are available, Electric, Gas, corded, cordless and even manual pruner also available.

All the tools have their speciality to cut and facilitate user differently. This blog will be about the different kinds of pole saw and their benefits to use.

Different Types of Pole Saw

Pole saw is a garden cleaning tool. The uses of all types of saw are bear the same purpose. But from the different specialist and user point of view, we can categories them in several parts:

  • Electric Pole Saw
  • Gas Pole Saw
  • Manual tree Pruner
  • Hydraulic Pole Saw for professional
  • Corded pole saw
  • Cordless pole saw

1. Electric Pole Saw

Electric Pole Saw

Electric pole saw is the most popular home tool to add for your garden. People are buying this saw mostly.  Pole saw run by electricity is the lightest weight. It can help you cut 8 to 9 inches thicker limbs or vines in your garden.

Having an electric saw will save you a lot of time and money in need of cleaning your yard, garden. With the help of this saw, you can cut up to 6 to 15 feet high. Not all the pole saw can go till 15 feet. Most of them can reach up to 10 feet tall.

Most of the electric saw is automatic. The oil chamber releases oil in needed time. You need to check the user manual to run the saw properly.

And it’s reasonably easy to use. Many pole saw can be adjusted without any tools.

2. Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Professionals who meant to do heavy-duty, cutting vast forest or give tree pruning services mostly buy a gas pole saw. This Gas Operated pole saw is very powerful and can be used for versatile use. Many times as a chain saw depends on the model of detachment from pole and set with the main body.

Gas-powered pole saw is easy to use. Though it creates a massive sound, so often professionals seen wearing a helmet with soundproof headphones. There is cod in the main body. After pulling the cord, when the saw gets started, it sounds like an engine. When it started, just set your saw to any branch or limb cut with adjustment of blades speed from the switch. If you have seen the weed eaters engine based machine, gas-powered saw sound exactly like that.

Unlike electric saw, gas pole saw can also reach high like minimum 6 feet to 10-12 feet high depends on the model. And this saw can run for a long time like a professional wants. Refill the fuels and work on them.

3. Manual tree Pruner Pole Saw

Manual Pole Saw

To cut higher branches of tree pole saw was built. This model is the oldest, but it’s strong and reliable. The design looks like a pole, and at the top of it has a saw blade with big teeth.

As you have already understood, the body force uses this manual tree pruner. You can say it’s a hacksaw attached with a pole.

The manual pole saw has its benefit. It doesn’t require any electricity or fuel to run. And for a small garden or yard, cleaning with manual pole saw can be healthy. Then again, cutting thicker branches is tough, time-consuming, and tiring.

Manual pole saw with a bit price can give you excellent benefits. Besides with big teeth saw cutting is easy. Professionals may come with lots of gas or hydraulic pole saw. But they will have one manual pole for sure. It helps where those can’t reach.

And yes, it can go up to 6 to 10 feet based on models.

4. Hydraulic Pole Saw

Hydraulic Pole Saw

Professionals who only work on the forest, roadside trees, or big farms use a hydraulic pole saw. This saw is a heavy-duty machine. We can find many models of hydraulic pole saw, and almost all of them are skid steer attachments.

50% perfect faster on cutting, 10 to 15% lighter than electric saw. Hydraulic pole saw is the best tool in the class cut. You will find hydraulic saw installed on compatible skid steers and tractors.

5. Corded Pole Saw

corded pole saw

Corded pole saw is helpful to work uninterrupted. Places close by where the wire can reach out, working with a corded pole saw, is not a hazard. With a corded saw, the longer we want can work. No problem with charging and extra pay for batteries.

6. Cordless Pole Saw

Cordless Pole Saw

Cordless pole saw, on the other hand, has its own specialty. Carrying your tool to work anywhere, freedom of working is essentials. The battery comes with pole saw are very lightweight, and charging them can be more or less in 1 hour. Between these times, you can take rest and have snacks to work again with a charged battery.

The pole saw is designed to make work easy and to maintain a clean environment. Cleaning trees after any natural disaster, this saw always plays its role. People who are in gardening or love trees, this is a must-have tool for them.


Pruning trees has many health benefits for trees as well; it helps them grow smoothly. Besides cutting the unnecessary limbs, vines and thick branches also help the firm or garden clean. Pruning the correct ways can also boost trees in bearing more healthy fruits & flowers.

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