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Best Gas Pole Saws in 2024 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 20, 2024

Which type of saw do you want for your yard maintenance?

This is a tough question to answer for sure. If you are done taking the decision, then half of your task is already completed.

If you are yet to decide, then I would suggest trying out a gas pole saw. This gas pole saw review list will give you an insight into some incredible gas-powered pole pruners available in the market.

The best gas pole saw will give you the ultimate experience of pruning. No need for experts. Once you get your own saw you can maintain your garden yourself.

Comparison of Our Favorites Gas Pole Saw in 2022

5 Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews of 2022

I have picked exclusively 5 best gas powered pole saws which are highly competent for all sorts of pruning task. To get the finest results now you need to choose the one that is compatible with your work requirements.

1. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw – Editor Choice

Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

The most crucial point for a gas pole saw is its powering process. No one wants to struggle with that. The easier the system the better the saw. Focusing on the fact, the Poulan Pro has brought out this gasoline pole chain saw that has a super easy activating process. This saw specializes in easy activation of the saw.

You can turn the saw on with only three simple steps. Just prime, set the choke, pull the rope, and it will be ready to use. No extra works, no extra hassle. As simple as it could be.

It has an advanced air purge system to make your work even more effortless. This system clears the air from the fuel chamber and the carburetor. The process highly benefits easy staring of the saw.

A gas pole saw is different from many other pole saws. Many settings of the saw must be done manually. One such important aspect is putting back the switch to the ON position. However, it’s different in the case of this saw. You don’t have to take the trouble to shift it. Its automatic return switch resets it to the ON position for you.

Gas pole saws normally remain heavy. Handling them is a bit tricky. But with the right accessory, the task becomes a lot easier. For holding the saw, this sophisticated gas pole saw has a comfortable round handle. This support added on the pole to help you hold the saw with more firmness and grip.

Key Features

    • Three simple step powering process. No need to put in extra effort or have to face extra hassle.
    • An air purge air cleaning facility makes it easier for starting the saw engine.
    • Has an automatic switch to return it to the ON mode.
    • Includes a suitable handle for a firmer grasp of the saw.

2. Remington RM25PS Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw – Premium Pick

Remington RM25PS Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw

It is natural for a gas pole saw to be heavy. But if you can manage to get the lightest one among all the heavier versions, you should know it would be the perfect deal. And this model of Remington gas pole saw is a good example of such a lightweight pole saw.

Its compact design has much to do with its weight. You can expect to see a very simple structural design. All the necessary components for a gas pole saw are included in this saw. But its strategical design makes it uncommon and gives it a simple look.

Even though the saw includes a huge 25 CC engine, it does not add much to the weight. It is very comfortable to carry and work with. You can work smoothly and also have a high capability of cutting through the tree branches. This saw gives the facility of both.

Its pole is also made of lightweight material. Even expanding the pole does not fluctuate the weight too much. It does not create a burden on you to carry it. You can reach high up branches of around 12ft with this competent saw and fulfil your needs.

A cool feature of this saw is its automatic oiler. Its chain bar is automatically lubricated during work. It increases the functionality of the blade. It gives an efficient result and makes it durable. You can get a smooth performance likewise. And the greatest part is you don’t have to do much work for it. Just fill the oil tank at the beginning and your work is done.

Key Features

    • Has a very unique compact and simple design.
    • Very light in weight. Easily portable.
    • Can reach about 12 ft high up branches for making successful cuts.
    • Has an auto lubricating facility. Increases efficiency and durability.

3. MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Powerful Gas Pole Saw with Portable Bag – Best for Money

MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Powerful Gas Pole Saw

Do you need something really powerful? This saw from Maxtra is one powerful gas pole saw that can assist you with your heavy-duty trimming works. You won’t find a better alternative to this. It can make your trimming work much more effortless.

The more competent your source is the more powerful will be your machine. Such a competent power generating source is this saw’s 42.7 CC engine. Being a 2-cycle engine, it can give you more than you can imagine. It has fierce power generating capacity to ensure high blade revolving speed for your cuts.

It is a powerful saw not only just for saying. It works accordingly too. You can go around your yard and trim tiny twigs to big wood chunks. Even large lumber around 9 inches is nothing for this highly capable pole saw. Now you trim the high up branches or chop the timber, it’s completely your choice.

If you don’t want to risk it climbing a ladder and then you have this pole saw. This MAXTRA gas pole saw comes initially at a length of 8.2 ft which can be extended to about 11.4 ft. With this actual height, you can easily reach about 15 ft high up branches and chop them off without any difficulty.

Its design is done as user-friendly as possible. It is strategically structured with advanced settings. All the settings are really helpful for quick starting and smooth functioning of the saw.

Key Features

    • Powerful saw with 42.7 CC engine.
    • Its 2-cycle engine can deliver higher power to gain very high blade speed.
    • Has the capability of cutting through massive 9 inches of wood chunks.
    • Can be extended up to 11.4 ft to have an overhead reach of about 15 ft.

4. Sunseeker 26CC 2 Cycle 4 in 1 Multi Tool with Gas Powered Pole Saw

Sunseeker 26CC 2 Cycle 4 in 1 Multi Tool with Gas Powered Pole Saw

When you are buying a garden tool it is always better to buy in a set. It saves a lot of time wasted searching for the tools and also saves money too. Considering the fact Sunseeker has brought out this 4-in-1 set of garden trimming tools. Buying this gas pole saw you get three (3) more different cutting heads as a bonus.

The 4 different cutting heads include pole saw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, and string trimmer. You can use one at a time as per your requirements. Its easy pole attachment connecting system lets you do the changing work on the move. No extra tool is required for this.

It gives you the necessary power you require for performing all the garden works using these cutting heads. The source of its power is its 26 CC 2 stroke engine. There is nothing to doubt about its competency. From the first cut, it will give you the best results.

Besides being powerful its engine is durable too. Its design includes a full crankshaft. This design facilitates fuel efficiency reducing work overload. Thus, it can ensure a better engine life and help it last longer.

Working with this saw is super easy. Though gas-powered tools are hard to activate this one is not like that. This saw has 5 very simple steps to follow for instant starting. You don’t have to struggle for hours. You can get it right in one go.

Key Features

    • Comes in a set including 4 different cutting heads.
    • Consists of a 26 CC 2 stroke engine. Delivers maximum power to complete cutting tasks.
    • Has a strategical full crankshaft design that ensures the durability of the engine.
    • Easy 5 simple step starting system. Can power it up in one go.

5. PROYAMA Powerful 42.7cc 5 in 1 Multi functional Trimming Tools with Gas Pole Saw

PROYAMA Powerful 42.7cc 5 in 1 Multi functional Trimming Tools with Gas Pole Saw

This is another full garden trimmer set. This one is from Proyama. It is a commercial gas pole saw with 5 different head attachments. It is a set of trimming tools to serve your holistic garden needs.

Not only the cutting necessities but also a safety kit for your protection is included in this pole saw set. Your safety is the priority. No matter where you work, wearing safety gear is important. And for handling a gas pole saw, wearing gloves, face shield and ear protecting headphones are a must. All these are provided in this pack for you.

Vibration is a big factor for a fuel engine powered saw. It always vibrates during work. But you will find many cool ways to diminish this issue. One such is using a vibration reduction harness and this saw does include one in its pack. It will help you keep the saw in a steady position and let you hold the machine firmly making it less likely to vibrate too much.

This is an EPA certified saw. The environment’s safety is equally as important as your safety. Both of them are interdependent. Everything that is used for human benefits has a side effect on the natural environment. All we can do is to minimalize that bad effect. So, this saw is manufactured with a mechanism to emit the least fume possible.

Key Features

    • Comes in a set including 5 different cutting head to meet all garden trimming needs.
    • Includes necessary safety gears within the set.
    • Has a vibration reduction harness to reduce the vibrating effect.
    • EPA certified saw. Safe from causing unwanted pollution.

Buying Guide

Filtering the search following a guide makes the task of choosing the finest one much easier. That’s why I have made this quick guide with the key points to look for when buying a gas pole saw.

Noise Level

Best Gas Pole Saw

Like many other pole saws, gas pole saw also makes noise during use. But the noise produced by the gas pole saw is a little louder than others.

The main reason behind this is that the gas pole saw is a fuel-powered saw with a big engine. This saw type provides higher cutting capability with more strength. Thus, for more power, the engine works more furiously making a louder noise.

However, in modern pole saws, this fact is given importance and has facilities to reduce engine sound. Make sure you choose such a saw that does not create too loud sound hurting your ears. The saws with such loud noise can damage eardrums seriously. It is very important to prioritize this issue when you make your purchase.

Construction Material

The heaviest end of the gas pole saw is its engine section which normally stays on one end of the saw. On the opposite end remains the cutting head and in between these two remains the pole. The total weight of the saw depends on these components.

Weight is a big issue for a gas pole saw. The most important component of the saw i.e. its engine is comparatively big and adds a big weight to its structure. In this situation, if its other elements are made with heavy materials, the saw will be impossible to work with. Hence the saw’s construction material plays a huge role in its maneuverability.

Heavy materials may seem to tackle jobsite abuse better and be durable. But the case for pole saws is different. As pole saws are saws that are held upright to cut branches of the tree, they need to be lighter and easy to carry. Many brands use materials that are light in weight and can be durable at the same time. It is best to choose from such types of saws. It will give you a relaxing trimming experience.

Shoulder Strap

An incredible addition to the structure of a gas pole saw is a shoulder strap. Do not ignore saying it’s just a strap. It is really a very helpful feature. A gas pole saw is comparatively heavier than other saw types due to its engine. As a result, when you will be working with it, it is natural that your hands will get wearied off. This is when you need this supportive shoulder strap.

If you put the shoulder strap on besides holding the saw with your hands, the weight of the saw will be divided equally on your shoulder and hands. Thus, your hands won’t get tired quickly and you can work longer. That’s why it best to have this feature of a shoulder strap.

EPA Certification

The meaning of EPA certification is that the powered tool is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This certification is given when the powered tool meets all the standards pointed by the agency for the safety of the environment.

Gas pole saw is powered by fuel. This includes a mixture of gasoline and oil. As this fuel burns to power the saw, it also creates a fume. We all know fume is harmful to both health and the environment. But for the need for a higher power to carry on Maintenance jobs, a gas pole saw is required.

To tackle this contradictory situation, many gas pole saw manufacturing brands started making saws that are EPA certified. That is, such sophisticated saws won’t create a negative impact on the environment and human health but give the required heavy-duty performance.

You shouldn’t overlook the bad impact the gas fume can leave on the environment. Always choose the powered tool that is EPA certified.

FAQs about Gas Powered Pole Saws

Let’s now unearth some of the most frequently asked questions about gas pole saw and then find professionals’ answers to them.

What are the benefits of using a gas pole saw?

Ans. Gas pole saw is a powerful device. This type of pole saw can deliver superior power for extensive use. You can use a gas pole saw in heavy trimming projects for large yards. Professionals usually prefer gas pole saw over the other types.

The main benefit of using a top-rated gas pole saw is that you can use it for a comparatively longer time. It has the potential to cut through larger wood chunks. You can trim thick tree branches easily with a gas pole saw. This type of saw gives better performance in terms of trimming compared to its counterparts.

How to start a gas pole saw?

Ans. The engine of a gas pole saw needs to be turned on manually. You need to follow few simple steps to start the saw successfully.

The first step is to press the fuel pump bulb. You need to press on it a couple of times even though the fuel gets filled in it. Generally, four to five times will do the job.

In the second step move to the choke lever. If your engine is cold and not have been used recently, put the choke lever in the cold start position. Again, if the saw was just used and the engine is still warm, put the lever in a warm start position.

After setting the choke lever now you have to pull the starting rope. Put your saw in a steady position and hold it with proper grip. Then start pulling the rope until the engine starts.

As soon as the engine of the saw starts you have to unlock the throttle trigger and press it. This will automatically bring the choke lever to run the position. And thus, your saw will start working.

However, if the engine fails to continue working, put the choke lever in a warm position. Then try pulling the rope until the engine turns on. As soon as the engine starts up press the throttle trigger multiple times to warm up the engine. This will definitely work and keep your engine working.

What must be the gas-oil ratio in a gas pole saw?

Ans. A gas pole saw is a fuel-powered saw. As a power source, it requires gasoline mixed with a certain amount of oil. This mixture of gasoline and oil has a fixed ratio for the engine of gas pole saws. The ratio may vary from engine to engine.

In the ratio, the larger number demonstrates the gasoline and the smaller one denotes the oil unit. Generally, 2 stroke engines take fuel at a ratio of 32:1, 40:1, or 50:1. You need to know the correct ratio of your saw from the specifications given on it.

What is the maintenance procedure of a gas pole saw?

Ans. The durability of a tool depends on how you treat it. Maintenance is the key to the durability of machines. You need to practice it regularly to help them last longer.

Maintaining a gas pole saw is very easy. You do not have to give too much of your time and energy for it. All you have to do is just be consistent with the work.

Before every use check the saw properly. If you find any damage, fix it immediately. Working instantly will save you enough time during your later trimming work.

As for the gas pole saw, you need to keep the air filter and fuel filter clean. Clean them from time to time and check if they need to be replaced or not.

The starter rope is one of the most important parts of the gas pole saw. Always keep an eye on it. If the rope wears off, change it to avoid unwanted accidents.

After use, clean the cutting head of the saw properly. Brush off the sawdust with the help of a metal brush. The spark plug of the saw needs to be cleaned frequently too.

Final Words

Nothing is more joyful than working on your own garden. With the right garden tools, the work becomes easy and playful. A gas pole saw is such an addition to the garden tools that can make the task even more effortless.

No matter how big or small is your yard— the best gas pole saw will be the perfect match for your trimming works.

In this gas powered pole saw review list, I showed you some incredible gasoline pole saws to choose from. If you went through them all, by now one of them must be already on your mind. Now the question is which one is it?

You must choose your saw thinking technically. Because the best gas powered pole saw will give you the best result that you urge.

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