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Best Pole Saws of 2024 – [For Smaller Backyards & Gardens]

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 21, 2024

Who uses a chainsaw nowadays to cut the high-up branches of trees?

This slow and unsafe tree trimming process is long gone. In this modern era and with new convenient types of machinery, you can ditch the old dangerous system of tree pruning with a chainsaw and ladder.

For long tree pruning, pole saws are the best solution.

The long pole of the pole saw replaces the need of the ladder and its cutting head works as the chainsaw that you would be carrying around. Hence with the pole saw you can be working safely standing on the ground and make your necessary cuts high up on the tree.

If you need to do (tall tree) trimming, you must get yourself a pole saw considering your own safety. This suggestion list will lead you to some best pole saws you would find in the market.

Our Top Picks

The Best Pole Saw Reviews of 2021

Numbers make a huge difference when you are deciding to pick only one. In such cases the smaller the number the effective the decision becomes. Considering the fact, I have handpicked only 6 top-rated pole saws that outperform the rest.

1. WORX WG309 8 Amp 10 Inch 2-In-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

WORX WG309 8 Amp 10 Inch 2-In-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

The first one up here is a 2-in-1 saw from Worx. This saw is a combination of a pole saw and a chainsaw. You get to use both by paying for one. The design of the is such that you can use both from one saw.

All the magic happens with its cutting head. When you attach the long pole to it, it turns to be a pole saw. Again, just by taking off the extension you can transform it into a chainsaw and use it in your works. The cutting head of the saw is designed likewise to be easily transformed.

The cutting head is the main part of the saw. It includes a 10-inch chain blade bar. With a cutting speed of 24 FPS, this blade will shred all the obstacles in front. You can cut through all the necessary tree twigs and limbs using it. Whether you will be using it as a pole saw or a chainsaw, in either way it will help you cut thick tree branches.

Its auto-lubrication system keeps the chain lubricated on the go. Nothing has to be done manually. Not only that, but its tool-free chain tensioning system is also a noteworthy feature to be mentioned. Just using a simple knob, you can fix the chain tension.

Another cool feature of this Worx pole saw is its rotating handle. You can easily rotate the pole with this sophisticated feature. During the cut or anytime you need, you can rotate the pole as per your desire and comfort.

It’s a lightweight device with a mere weight of 10 lbs. You can use it for longer hours without wearing it off. Your pruning and cleaning will be the easiest task to do with this Worx wg309 electric pole saw.

Key Features

    • It’s a 2-in-1 combination saw which can be transformed into a chainsaw from a pole saw or vice versa.
    • Electrically powered saw. Has a maximum speeding capacity of 24 FPS.
    • Unique rotating handle feature. The pole can be rotated as per convenience.
    • Lightweight saw with a weight of 10 lbs. Can be used for a long time without getting tired.

2. MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Powerful Gas Pole Saw with Portable Bag

MAXTRA 42.7CC 2-Cycle Powerful Gas Pole Saw with Portable Bag

Now a gas pole saw. If you are looking for something highly powerful for your heavy trimming projects, you should go for a gas pole saw. And this gas pole saw from Maxtra will be the perfect match for any of your hefty jobs.

The highlighting fact about this gas pole saw is its capability. It bears the capability of cutting branches up to 9 inches thick. It is really unbelievable for a pole saw to cut that thick. But a gas saw can do it without any difficulty.

This is a 42.7cc engine saw to serve you in all extreme trimming jobs. It has so much to offer in its sleeves. The 2-stroke engine has great potential. You can completely rely on it to deliver you steady service throughout your cutting sessions. Besides its integrated air filter delivers full protection to the engine for it to last long and provide durable service for a long time.

Being cordless, you can carry it wherever you want. It gives you the complete flexibility of portability. It is ideal for trimming trees from a large yard. You can walk around your total yard carrying the saw with you and work effortlessly.

Starting a gasoline pole chainsaw can be troubling. But you won’t face the same for this Maxtra pole saw. It has all the facilities for you to start the saw quickly and easily. Its 2-position choke system gives you the capability of starting the saw both in cold and hot conditions. It ensures full safety during the start with the centrifugal clutch system.

This powerful device has a long pole too. Its pole has an initial length of 8.2 ft. You can extend this length very easily with its fast connecting system. The pole can be extended up to 11.4 ft. With such a long pole you get a reaching height of around 13 to 16 ft after including your own height.

Key Features

    • It’s a gas pole saw with a 42.7 cc 2-stroke engine. A very powerful tool to work with.
    • Easy to start the engine. Can be done very quickly.
    • A long pole of 8.2 ft can be extended to 11.4 ft.
    • Comes with a very useful saw carrying bag.

3. Greenworks 20672 40v 8-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Pole Saw 

Greenworks 20672 40v 8-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Pole Saw 

Now time for an angled headed pole saw. The straight-headed saws can do the job, but the angled cutting head makes the task a lot easier. It is more advantageous to cut limbs on higher parts of the tree with an angled pole saw. Thinking about the benefits, Greenworks brought out this model of pole saw with an angled head design.

This pole saw from Greenworks is a cordless saw. Greenworks 20672 is powered by a 40V G-MAX lithium-ion battery. The best part about it is that you can use this battery to power multiple Greenworks tools. Its complete wireless simple body structure will definitely sway you to buy it. Every feature of the saw is integrated considering your convenience.

It consists of all the facilities required for having the blade in its best condition for cutting. Where chain tensioning is a hassle in many saws, it has a very convenient facility. You won’t need any extra tools. Greenworks pole saw has a handy knob for you to fix the tension easily.

Not forgetting its auto lubricating feature. This keeps the chain lubricated all the time while using it. Greenworks 20672 g-max 40v 8-inch cordless pole saw has a large oil tank attached to it which you will have to fill before every use. You can easily keep track of the oil level with the help of its translucent tank.

You can reach the lower parts of the trees for trimming with its 6 ft long pole. To reach the higher parts, you can extend the pole up to 8 ft. This will take you to the higher levels of the trees to complete your pruning. And the total extending system is completely tool-free too. All you have to do is attach the three pieces of aluminum beams together to get yourself a long pole.

Key Features

    • Cordless pole saw. Powered by 40V G-Max lithium-ion batteries.
    • Tool-less chain tensioning system. Can adjust without any hassle.
    • No need for oiling chain manually. Has an auto lubrication facility.
    • 6 ft long aluminum pole can be extended easily up to 8 ft to reach high branches.

4. BLACK+DECKER LPP120B 8-Inch 20V MAX Battery Powered Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER LPP120B 8-Inch 20V MAX Battery Powered Pole Saw

It is another cordless pole saw. This one is from Black+Decker. Its simple structure and lightweight body are perfect for an effortless trimming session. You can work for long hours without any trace of fatigue.

The secret behind its lightweight body is the fiberglass-made pole structure. The long pole adds to the weight of the total saw. So, its construction material is an important factor to consider. The lighter the material the better it is for the saw.

However, it must be strong enough to hold the weight of the cutting head and tackle the work abuse. All in all, the material of the pole must be both lights in weight but sturdy at the same time. And this fiberglass construction of this saw ensures all that for you.

The strong pole has a normal length of 6.5 ft. This by extending becomes about 10 ft long. Considering your own height from the ground, you can reach up to a massive 14 ft high with this tree limb trimmer.

Its 8 inches chain blade bar is one of a kind. You can work with it on any tree in your yard. This Black and Decker pole saw gives you a cutting capability of 6 inches in diameter. The fast-moving sharp blade can cut through all the tree limbs you require.

It works with a 20V lithium-ion battery. The best part, you can use the same battery for any other battery-powered tool. You have the complete flexibility of choosing among the wide range of options Black and Decker gives you. You can buy the tool with a 2.0 AH battery or a 3.0 AH battery or a 4.0 AH one. You also get it along with different types of necessary kits. If none of them interests you, you can buy solely the saw.

Key Features

    • Pole made of fiberglass. Light in weight, strong in structure.
    • 5 ft pole can be extended up to 10 ft. Can be reached up to 14 ft overhead with it.
    • 8 inches chain blade bar. Can cut through 6 inches diameter.
    • Powered by 20 V lithium-ion battery.

5. Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw with Adjustable Head

If you can’t decide you want a straight cutting head saw or an angled one, then you should go for this Sun Joe electric pole saw. This saw gives you the flexibility of moving the head at 3 different angles. You can move it from straight to 15o to a complete 30o angle. You can settle for one as per your need.

The Sun Joe Swj802e includes an 8 inches long Oregon chain blade bar. It comes covered with a blade sheath to help you store the tool safely. The strong blade with high rotating speed can slash anything that comes in front of it. With its high cutting ability, it can cut through about 7.5 inches thick branches.

Its blade gains approximately 6000 RPM speed. And this is possible because of its highly powerful 6.5 AMP motor. You have complete control of when to start and stop it. The power control is placed on the handle of the saw for you to gain easy access to the switch. In case of any necessity, you can quickly turn off the switch without any delay.

From the initial 5.9 ft pole, you can extend the length up to 9.4 ft. Extension of the pole is a hassle for many pole saws. But this one gives you the most convenient way. You can easily extend its pole by its simple telescoping system. Just unlock and extend. No extra tool, no extra hassle.

The user-friendly structure is another highlighting feature to point out for this saw. The total design of the handle is done such that you get the most comfort and grip besides having the power control of the Sun Joe pole saw. You are given a comfortable rubber overmold over the pole to help you balance it while working.

Key Features

    • Has flexible cutting head which can be moved from 0o to 15o to a complete 30o
    • Come with an 8 inches Oregon chain blade bar.
    • Works with 6.5 AMP motor which generates 6000 RPM of no-load blade speed.
    • Ergonomic structure to give utmost comfort while using.

6. DEWALT DCPS620M1 20V 15-Foot Reach MAX XR Cordless Pole Saw

DEWALT DCPS620M1 20V 15-Foot Reach MAX XR Cordless Pole Saw

Last but not least is the Dewalt pole saw. This model of Dewalt saw is a cordless pole saw. It is powered by a battery that comes along with the saw. The 20 V battery can deliver enough power per charge. You can make around 96 strokes in one go.

High performances are manipulated by highly functioning motors. Its effectivity is very important for the total saw to function. Considering the importance of good motors, Dewalt has included an advanced brushless motor in its saw.

Such a motor ensures better performance by diminishing heat production through friction. Thus, you get a nonstop working capability without any issues of overheating.

Its 8 inches sharp blade when gains high rotational speed from the saw’s powerful motor, becomes unstoppable. It is automatically oiled with its auto lubricating system. So, you won’t have to be doing it manually.

Kick back effect is a major issue for chain blades. That’s why Dewalt has introduced this low kickback chain blade for you to have a safe cutting experience.

Besides that, the saw has a bucking strip integrated into its cutting head. This metal strip will give you a more cutting grip by tackling the rebounds.

The Dewalt pole saw gives you a long-reaching capability of 15 inches. With such a long pole extension, you can reach high up branches very easily. Even the ones from the crown part. This length will come very handy for you mostly for long trees.

Key Features

    • 20V battery powered saw. Can make around 96 cuts per charge.
    • Highly powerful brushless motor. Eliminates issues of overheating and works longer hours.
    • Includes 8 inches long chain blade bar with a low kickback effect.
    • Can be extended up to 15 inches to reach high up branches.

What to Consider When Buying a Pole Saw

Buying stuff gets easy when you know which core factors to look for on it. To help you with your pole saw shopping, here I have pointed out some of such core factors of pole saws.

Pole Length

Best Pole Saws

A pole saw is all about its length. The longer the pole the better it is. It will help you reach higher tree branches and assist you in your trimming. With long pole saws, you would not have to struggle to reach long trees. The crown part of the tree is the most difficult portion to trim. All will be solved with a long length of the saw.

You will find pole saws of very short length and long ones too. You can get the one suitable for trees in your yard. The average length of powered pole saws ranges from 10 inches to 15 inches. It is the basic length and adequate for reaching the high branches.


Pole Saw Reviews

Pole saws are long saws that are totally different in structure than the other cutting saws. Their long pole is the main reason behind that. With this long pole comes the balancing issues. As the pole also includes a certain weight, it becomes challenging to balance it. That’s why the maneuverability of a pole pruner must be taken into account.

Weight is highly related to maneuverability. With the increase in weight, the portability decreases. Obviously, it is hard to carry heavy items than lighter ones. And for a long tool like a pole saw which has to be lifted upright, it is more difficult.

That’s why you must choose pole saws considering their weight and maneuverability.

Source of Power

Not all pole saws are powered the same way. Different pole saws have different power sources. You will find gas-powered saw, electric pole saw, battery-powered saw and others. Different power sources deliver different capabilities for working.

You will need a heavy power tool for doing heavy jobs whereas the random trimming jobs can be done by any of them. Each type of saw has a different criterion depending on its power source.

So, while choosing the saw, you must go for the one that is suitable for your trimming jobs.


Best Pole Saw

The motor is the main powerhouse of the saw. The functionality of the total saw depends on its motor. Efficient motors can utilize the energy effectively to generate high power to run the saw.

You will find different pole saws with different types of motors based on different criteria. One such is the existence of a brush or brushless motor. There is a huge benefit of brushless motors over brushed ones.

The brushless motor has a much lighter weight resulting in higher torque per watt of energy consumed. It increases the efficiency of the motor. This is much more reliable and durable due to no erosion issues. The brushless motor does not have overheating problems. Thus, you can use the saws with brushless motors nonstop for a long time without any break required.

Considering the facts, the saws with brushless motors can deliver you with higher performances. So, while scouting your tree trimmer, you can go for the brushless motor one.

FAQs about Pole Saw

Even if you went through our best pole saw reviews and best-rated pole saw comparisons, you might still have some questions. In the following section, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from a user point of view.

How to Use a Pole Saw?

Ans. Using a pole saw is easy but you have to follow some dos and don’ts.

The first thing that you must do is to take the necessary safety measures. Wear your helmet and gloves. Accidents do not happen giving prior notification.

And as cutting trees with a pole saw is indeed a dangerous job you must use a helmet to stay on the safe side. Wear gloves and keep a good grip on the pole. Use both hands to handle the pole.

Next comes the positioning constraint. While cutting with a pole saw, you must not stand directly under the cutting branch. Stand on a spot maintaining a little distance from it. Then place your saw on the branch making an angle with you. And finally, you can make the cut.

What are the Uses of a Pole Saw?

Ans. Pole saws are specialized saws used for cutting tree branches. Their specialty is that they can reach high up branches with their long pole to make necessary cuts. Thanks to their unique body structure, the pole saws are used for various purposes.

These include clearing brushes, trimming outgrown tree branches, cutting with a pole saw, cut off half-fallen branches, cleaning the yard after a storm, and other necessary tree limb cutting purposes. They are used for making vertical cuts.

Just standing on the ground, you get the chance to reach the high branches and make your cuts.

Is Using a Pole Saw Safe?

Ans. Pole saw is a cutting tool. It is used for clipping off tree twigs and limbs. It has a cutting head including a fine teethed chain blade. So, indeed it is a threatening tool.

But the right use of the saw with proper precautions will not lead you to any danger. You must maintain the saw’s user guide and take the necessary safety measures before using it. Hence it will be a safe tool for you to use.

Can I Use the Pole Saw for Horizontal Cutting Purposes?

Ans. No. You must not use a pole saw for horizontal cuts. The pole saw is not made for making cuts horizontally. It is very dangerous to take the cutting head of a pole saw near the ground. When the fast rotating chain blade bar of the saw will hit the ground, it will kick back very hard.

The backward force will be very high which might result in a very serious accident. And you definitely do not want to experience such a hazardous situation. So it is instructed not to cut anything horizontally with a pole saw.

Can I Use a Ladder While Using a Pole Saw to Increase Reaching Length?

Ans. It is not impossible to stand on a ladder and cut branches with a pole saw. But you must not do that. It is not safe to do such a thing. Pole saw itself is challenging to balance properly.

You need to keep the cutting head in the right position and balance the pole both at once. On top of that, if you climb a ladder, you yourself will be in an unstable position.

Thus, it will be harder to balance the pole like that. With one slip from the ladder, you might get into a big accident. So it is best not to use a ladder while working with a pole saw.

Final Words

We are at the end of the best pole saw reviews post. Allow me to add my two cents at the end before I leave it to you.

There is no alternative to a pole saw when it comes to pruning high up branches. It is the smartest and safest tool to use for this task. Where it was a hard and dangerous thing to do before with a chainsaw and ladder, now you can do the trimmings easily with a pole saw. Skipping all the vain labor, you can complete your pruning jobs in minutes using a pole saw.

But here is the twist. The results you will get from the best pole saws won’t be the same as from a bad one. While buying a pole saw, you must settle for the best one.

From this suggestion list, you will get to see all the best tree branch trimmers, cheap pole saw and even heavy-duty pole saw. Every tree trimming saw from this list will give you the finest performances.

But at the end of the day, you have to choose one, right? If you want me to pick one for you, I will go for the great Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw. I will give it the highest pole saw ratings for its excellent performance.

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