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5 Cool Pole Saw Uses | What Can It Be Used For?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

Pole saw is saw attached in a pole. Working on cutting things, especially tree vines, branches it works great. Besides, numerous tasks can be handled by this tool. Sometimes this tool used as a chain saw, detaching the pool.

Pole saw uses vary from home yard to big firm. Even it helps cleans areas after a disaster.

Most Common And Innovative Pole Saw Uses

Based on types, pole saw uses depends. But most of the pole saw has mainly used for cutting trimming or shaping trees. Let me discuss more pole saw uses.

Cutting Branches

Cutting tree branches is the most tedious work for a pole saw. To cut a bush, a shrub, or whatever else, we can always take other necessary means. Using a trimmer or simple machine to clean the yard is a typical case of a scenario.

But cutting branches or thick vines heights over 6 feet in the tree is tough. Many accidents happened previously trying to use ladder etc. Professionals these days prefer to use a pole saw to cut branches or to shape the tree.

It is essential and preferable to use a pole saw to cut branches. This machine can easily clean different bush scrub.

Tree Trimming

To remove unwanted limbs, blocked sunlight, dead vines or branches, trimming is important. Excessive growth of limbs or having limbs all over the tree is hazardous for the tree. Pole is often/commonly used for trimming the most.

Sometimes tree branches growth happens to block sunlight, which damages the growth of grass or fertilization process. With pole saw trimming, the limbs can be seen in every other house’s yard or garden.

A natural disaster like storms, cyclone, excessive heat or excessive cold can easily damage the tree. During the warmer season hurricane tornado, the high wind even rain damages tree heavily. In winter, the tree gets dryer and create possibilities for prone to cracking. In any condition removing the unwanted branches or vines, broken limbs are important.

Using a ladder to cut with basic tools is risky almost every time unless the tree is short. In modern life pole saw is the best choice to go with this kind of trouble.

Tree Pruning

To deal with the health issues of a tree, the process we do annually is tree pruning. Tree trimming and pruning is not the same thing but almost looks like it.

At the end of the winter season, tree pruning starts for healthy growth in upcoming months. The tree grows faster in warmer months. So this time is particular and property owners, farmers, do preparation beforehand.

In my early childhood, I saw a special kind of pruning in the firm of furniture wood tree. The farmers were making a special cut to make the tree fat. And they only do it at the end of winter.

For a proper shaping tree, pruning is often done. The tree of vines we see different places, decorated well and looks like a masterpiece also the work of pruning

Remove the branches of a tree which creating problems for the tree in proper growth. Especially when a tree has too many branches/limbs, those limbs intakes all the energy tree produce. So cutting them accurately helps the tree grows.

Bush Clearing 

With pole saw, we can easily cut bushes like branches of the tree. It’s not necessary to buy a brush trimmer if you have a pole saw. Bushes with a problematic growth create a mess within the yard or garden. There could be harmful insects of snakes in the bush, cutting from far is always a better option.

To clean large bush and construction, and whatever else is hindered by wayward vegetation and tree branches, hydraulic pole saw is used.

Cleaning Roads and Forest After A Disaster

Hydraulic pole saw is used for cleaning streets and wood after every natural disaster. Plus, big firms also use a hydraulic pole saw; the majority of them are skid steer attachments.

The pole saw is easy to use, and the mentioned work above is relatively easy to complete with a pole saw. With a minimum knowledge, poles saw uses are broad. Besides, you can remove the pole to use it as a chain saw if needed. Pole saw is a versatile tool you must have.

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