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7 Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 14, 2024

When you think about pruning thick vines or high branches, a pole saw will pop-up in your mind at first. Indeed, a pole saw prunes or trims tree branches, shrubs, and vines to grow healthily and happily.

However, before you proceed to prune trees, you should know the pole saw cutting techniques to complete the job smoothly and with a satisfactory result. Hence, today’s tutorial will cover step by step guideline on cutting techniques with a pole saw.

So, are you up for it?

7 Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

When you cut and trim branches correctly, it develops the tree growth healthily and comes beneficial for blooming and shaping the branches in your desired shape. However, before you proceed further, it is a must to know the tree cutting techniques appropriately.

Technique 1: Knowing the Cuts

The different tree has a particular shape and so, may have a slightly different cutting technique. So, before you start cutting the tree or its branches using the pole saw, try to gather some knowledge on the cutting methods of a specific tree type.

For instance, you should prune the fruit and flower trees only after the blooming session is over. And for evergreen trees, removing the dead leaves and branches will work fine.

Technique 2: Preparing the Workplace and Safety Requirements

Operating a pole saw in a tidy space can be challenging and risky. So, we suggest you start with the clearing of the area under the tree to perform the cuts. Be aware that no people are under the tree branch during the pruning time, especially, leave away the kids far.

Also, remove the dead leaves and branches away from the spot. It will help you move freely and without any risk of injuring others. Again, always wear hand gloves and protective goggles to avoid any hazardous moments.

Technique 3: Start from The Tree Bottom

Planning where you would make the first cut is an integral part of the pole saw cutting techniques. Our experience speaks off that making a bottom and the horizontal cut is the best solution to go at the beginning for the tree pruning.

Choose the topmost branch that needs pruning and start from its bottom or underneath. It is recommended that you make a ‘V-shape’ cut in the first instance. For this, create an angle from the underside and make the beveled cut.

Then repeat the cut from the bottom on the opposite side to create the ‘V-shape’ cut. It would be best if you can start from the bark layer and slowly reach the wood section. In this way, gravity help in the cutting job, and you will need less pressure to put on the blade.

Also, most water sprouts are vertical and so, cutting on a horizontal position is helpful.

Technique 4: Repositioning the Saw Blade

Use both hands to securely position the pole saw blade in a horizontal position and align it with the tree branch. After that, push the saw blade for a few brief moments and take control of the entire cutting operation.

Once you have confidently taken control over the saw weight, reposition it closely with the tree branch. Make sure that the saw blade alignment is perfect, and the weight stays right on the tree branch. It is crucial since the saw weight will cooperate with the gravity to cut the stems.

Technique 5: Secure Your Position

In the majority of cases, we will sue a pole saw on a ladder. So, it becomes essential to secure your position before proceeding with any cuts.

So, it is suggested ardently that you move to a right end while holding the saw firmly on your active hand. While you stay on the ladder, the tree branch should be on a chest level of you. It would help if you didn’t stay below it since it will challenge the saw moving downward and upward.

Technique 6: Make the Cuts Continuously

Once you are ready with the saw and have a firm hold on your position, it is high time to make the first cut with the pole saw.

Ensure that you have full control over the cutting procedure. Now, start with a perpendicular motion and reach as deep as possible through the branch. Your aim is to create a groove in the unit that will later work as a cutting guideline for you.

Sometimes the first cut may move a bit sideways. If it happens, you don’t need to be panicked. Just stop the cut, take a short breath, and start the cut all over again.

Technique 7: Finish Off the Cuts

After creating the groove, slowly increase the blade speed and finish of the first cut. Follow the same method to cut off all the tree branches quickly. However, throughout the cutting procedure, work with patience, and focus on cutting accuracy.


If you can follow this pole saw cutting techniques correctly, you rest assured to get the most satisfactory cutting results in the shortest possible time. Also, operating a pole saw is straightforward, and so you should find it pretty fun.

However, once you proceed to the cuts, make sure the tree underneath space is empty, and the ladder is placed securely to prevent fall offs.

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