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Best Manual Pole Saws for Tree Pruning in 2024

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 12, 2024

It’s pretty disturbing and also problematic when a tiny branch blocks the window or view of the window.

Calling for assistance or hiring a professional to get rid of such trouble is pretty foolishness and complete waste of money when you could manage everything just by spending a few bucks. It’s a pole saw that fits the job you need.

A right pole saw comes with wide versatility and sensibleness for dealing with small branches or logs. Do trimming, clipping or pruning whatever you like with your skill hand.

Yet the best manual pole saw makes you do your job even when you’re not so skilled with the saw. We’ve made such a list of best rated manual pole saw to help you get the right one.

Our Top Picks

Top 5 Manual Pole Saw Reviews of 2021

The best manual pole saw comes with the top features and sometimes at a reasonable price too. We found some amazing saws and decided to write a review post featuring only highest-rated manual pole saws. Check out these exclusive selection below.

1. Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw – Editor Choice

Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw

Notch pole saw set comes in the list putting performance and comfort at its best. The set consists of three extension poles along with the saw. All four are engineered with convenience and ergonomic design that puts the cutter in a stable mode in cutting and trimming.

The average weight of the saw is 9.5, which is pretty inspiring for the woodcutter to use for a long time. Yet there is nothing to doubt about its durability and longevity. The 15-inch heavy-duty saw is made of chrome-plated that offers incredible life to the saw. Furthermore, it’s safe from rust and corrosion.

Notch features the professional 6 ft. interlocking fiberglass pole that facilitates the cutting job removing all intricacy and adversity. The tooth of the saw is another highly appreciated feature. It is designed with a pull-cutting tooth for fast cutting.

It comes with three extendable poles that can be extended up to 26 feet connecting each other. The poles allow you to cut or trim any tall branches without climbing or using a ladder labeling the saw hand tree trimmer. The 9.5 weight of the saw will not discourage you from holding the saw for a long time.

The precious thing of the saw is the locking system that comes with it. The locking system strengthens the security and the confidence of the woodcutter locking the saw with any of the poles.

Key Features

    • The saw is made of chrome-plated that protects from harsh chemicals like rain, rust or corrosion.
    • Comes with three extendable poles that can be extended up to 26 feet that will eliminate the need of climbing the ladder.
    • The saw weighs only 9.5 pounds. That is pretty inspiring to hold for a long time above to cut or trim anything.
    • Locking system that comes to secure the bonding with the saw and your confidence in cutting.

2. Silky Hayauchi 21 Ft Pole Saw – Premium Pick

Silky Hayauchi 21 Ft Pole Saw

While Silky takes the pride of manufacturing the world’s finest saw, we took a test operation of Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Pole saw, one of its top-selling saws in the market. Silky has several top-selling pole saws in the market which showcase meaningful variation in the features.

Silky Hayauchi pole saw is empowered with a 15 2/5-inch curved blade, and dedicated teeth are pretty belligerent in cutting and pruning. And its Silky 4-Retsume teeth technology fits the saw for the toughest job. On top of that, you can change the angle of the blade caring the situation – lower cutting or higher.

It is made of finer aluminum that gives the saw a badge of security and pride of being the best among the counterparts. Being the aluminum constructed pole saw, Silky Hayauchi offers you an unbeatable combination of durability and subtlety.

Its telescopic design is mastered with a friction clamps and a spring-loaded locking button. They work together in a cycle to bring balance ensuring a strong and stable pole extension.

It is equipped with a removable saw head that needs no tool to remove from the head. So, changing and removing the saw from the pole is easier than you imagine. And its 3-extension 4-poles/sections telescoping extendable pole offers you cover up to 25 feet area.

Key Features

    • Made of aluminum that offers you a sound combination of sturdiness and precision. Quite inspiring to get going.
    • Dual locking system which brings a sound balance to keep the functionality secure and stable.
    • The 15 2/5-inch curved blade and dedicated tooth are pretty belligerent in cutting and pruning.
    • Armed by the Silky 4-Retsume teeth technology that fits the saw for heavy-duty cutting, trimming and gardening.

3. Fiskars Tree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935k) – Great for the Money

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendabletree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935k)

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner is the invincible pole saw when it comes to tree pruning stick pruner. The simple-looking stick pruner comes with a default scissor tip with the saw and leaves us a wise selection for high tangles and branches making it the best tree pruner in the list.

It makes it easier to cut and trim without using a ladder for the higher tree or kneeling for a lower one with modest control over the saw. It accompanies a dedicated 15-inch Woodzig saw for cutting and pruning the thicker branches with precision at its best.

The strap comes with two enticing benefits inside the pole. Firstly, it lets you manage by both hands with maximum control over the job, and secondly, it makes the cutting easier even when you’re in a challenging situation.

The accompanied saw is roughly 9.7 feet long and can be pulled up to 12 feet for more versatility. Having said that, it’s a smart pick for cutting less than the 1-1/4-inch diameter. The extended pole lets you stay safe when you contact with a perilous object.

On top of that, unlike some other models, it doesn’t link up with rope. So, it eliminates the fear of getting tangled with branches and leaves because of rope. You have no reason to worry about cutting and pruning higher branches and leaves.

Key Features

    • Armed by a dedicated 15-inch Woodzig saw that is perfect for cutting and pruning the thicker branches.
    • No rope used to connect. It keeps you secure dealing with the branches and leaves and getting higher end.
    • The strap inside the pole allows you to use your two hands and control the movement for precision.
    • An expendable pole that can be stretched up to 12 feet, and be used for multiple actions– cutting, pruning, lawn and gardening, etc.

4. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit with 3 Poles

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit

Jameson Landscape Pole Saw Kit with 6-inch 3 Poles is a quality pack for both decorating and processing your garden and landscape. It is made with top-notch features and materials keeping your aesthetic viewpoint in the core.

This nature-matching green saw kit packs three poles in the set and each pole 6 feet long. These three poles together form 18-inch long and capable of maintaining all you need. The poles come with a variety of features. The first one is large with the saw; the second features a microfiber pole while the third one features aluminum ferrules for both male and female.

The saw also features an external leaf spring locking button and aluminum ferrules that boost handiness and comfort. You can extend the saw by adding the poles by the aluminum ferrules to reach diverse lengths based on the task you need to do. This feature is what made this model interesting and the perfect choice among its counterparts.

Moreover, Jameson is armed with a dedicated Tri-Cut saw blade, which is 16-inch wide. You can cut the 3-inch in diameter oak limb with this dedicated blade. This blade-feature leaves the right selection for those who plan for heavy-duty woodcutting.

Key Features

    • Made of solid material and equipped with top-notch features that strengthen the tool and offer you the desired service. Durable but simple to manage.
    • Features an external leaf spring and adjustable pole system to give the users more advantages and comfort.
    • The saw can be extended up to 18 feet by adding poles thanks to the aluminum ferrules to get access to the remote branch and leaves.
    • Armed with a 16-inch tri-cut saw blade that can accomplish hard to harder wood efficiently.

5. Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (394631-1001)

Fiskars Chain Drive 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (394631-1001)

Our voyage to the top manual pole pruner review post ends up with Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner. The saw is engineered with advanced cutting technology and a chain-driven gearing mechanism for cutting the larger tree and branch keeping heavy-duty performance in the core.

Its chain-driven gearing mechanism empowers to provide up to 3x cutting power in comparison to traditional ones. Moreover, the saw is equipped with advanced cutting technology and a 15-inch serrated blade for the heavy-duty cutting job for professionals.

This extendable saw is easily manageable to store in a garage or a tight place. And when it comes to ground-level pruning, it gets aggressive in performance. You can stretch the pole up to its extendable pole based on the demand of the situation.

The pole of the saw comes with an interlocking fiberglass and aluminum pole that together will take you to the desired end to give access to cut and trim the weeds and branches. Along with that, the aluminum-construction keeps the weight in limit and ease holding.

When it comes to a manual pole saw, snagging is always a major safety concern. Fiskars designs this model with a compact head that becomes a shield to protect you from getting snagged. You can concentrate on your job forgetting the security issue.

Key Features

    • Equipped with advanced cutting technology for a heavy-duty cutting job for professional, and provides up to 3x cutting power.
    • Interlocking pole – fiberglass and aluminum, to secure your movement with the saw while you cut or prune.
    • Features a pole that is made of aluminum and fiberglass to lessen the weight.
    • Designed with a compact head that eliminates the fear of snagging.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Manual Pole Saw

The buying guide intends to help the beginners who walk to purchase the manual pole saw for the first time. So, the section will offer you the chunk of elementary knowledge for the successful purchasers.

Know the Type

Best Manual Pole Saw

The manufacturers and the users have already experimented a lot with the pole saw and offered huge suggestion to make the tool more convenient. So, it has ended up in several types so far. Knowing the exact type of manual pole saw will offer you certainty and guarantee of investing your bucks on the right stuff. What are the types of pole saw, then?

It ends up with the four types of manual pole saw, namely: anvil pruner, saw pruner, bypass pruner and compound pruners. Let’s get introduced with all four of them.

Anvil Pruner – this type of manual pole saw comes with a cutting edge and a motionless anvil. Such saw cuts the branch sandwiching the branch between the anvil and the blade, slicing through the branch.

Saw Pruner – such type of saw is perfect for pruning intense and thick branches. The main element that you bring the saw into existence is the sharp blade for pruning the parts of a tree. Additionally, the saw edge comes in different quantities of teeth, lengths, thicknesses, and teeth sharpness.

Bypass Pruner – The saw that is equipped with dual cutting edges that slide over one another making the best-suited for softwood tree for exact cuts. But the tree should not be excessively hard as it might destroy the cutting edges bringing about potential danger or harsh cut.

Compound Pole Saw – such kind of saw accompanies pruner head (either an anvil or a bypass), along with and sawing edge. It comes as the best option to switch from sawing to pruning. While you purchase such type of saw, you should keep in mind that one may impede another while utilizing the other. Also, it may lack the option to deal with thick development bringing about a snap or bowed sharp edge.

Length and Maximum Reach of Pole

No doubt, you prefer to purchase a manual pole saw to cover the maximum area for cutting and trimming without climbing and using any ladder. In this case, length plays a core role. So, the length of the pole comes in the second when you decide the type and brand for your venture.

However, the long pole saw may come with a drawback. The longer pole saw sometime tends to wobble. If your pole wobbles, it can make your cutting job risky and frightening causing difficult to handle.

On the other hand, shorter pole offers more stability and control over the saw.

The Weight

Another feature you should find in your manual pole saw is the weight. You might need much time holding the saw above to cut the piece of branch. So, holding a heavy saw will lead you tired and bored in the end.

The more lightweight your pole saw is, the more control and comfort you’ll get. Remember, comfortability in cutting brings perfection and precision.

The Design of the Blade

Blade plays the core job to get your job done – whatever, it’s cutting, pruning, lawn and gardening etc. The core responsibility you put on the blade rather than weight and length. So, put close attention to the blade.

The best blade is made of high-carbon steel metal, and it offers sturdiness along with great resilient capacity. And if the blade is porcelain-coated, your blade would remain protected from rust and residue offering long-life. Find such a blade for maximum endurance.

If you like to bring down plant ropes on trees and branches, find a blade that comes with a hook at the top. And a blade with a scabbard at the rear end will allow you to keep the blade on the branches while you cut.

The Versatility of the Saw

Finding a pole saw that can manage several functions is the best way to return your investment. Isn’t it a good idea to purchase a pole saw that can get your both professional and DIY jobs done? We listed such a smart pole saw above, you can get them all in it. Choose any compound manual saw to master all cutting and trimming job!

Security Initiative

Dealing with a saw (no matter what kind of saw it is) involves peril. You can avoid the fear of danger by taking vigilant move. What if your saw comes with no security measure? Luckily, some models pay heed to the fact.

When it comes to a traditional saw, snagging is a simple example you may encounter. Some renowned brands protect the risk by featuring a compact head with the pole. Find such a model from the collection. We got an amazing model in our bucket. Try Notch 18’ Manual Pole Saw. 

The Quality of Construction

If you can ensure all the above features, well, you’ve done all except the last one – the quality of construction. The material and the overall design of the saw play an important role in total performance.

If you find a quality saw costs more, don’t let it be a cause to dismiss the product. Spend more money and own the right one rather than purchasing a low-quality product all time soon.

End of the day, quality returns in compound form.

FAQs about Manual Pole Saw

Can I sharpen my manual saw blade and how it is?

Ans. The answer can be summarized in two – yes and no. I know a high volume of users who prefer to get a new blade rather than sharpening the old one. It’s pretty troublemaking, they say. Regaining the original sharpness is not a cup of tea, but it’s possible in some ways.

Your blade should be made of top-notch Japanese steel along the cutting edges are heat-resistant. If so, you have a good chance to get it for a long time.

How can I clean my blade after it is covered by resin?

Ans. Saw blades tend to get dirty often when it is exposed to cutting trees and simply requires to clean afterwards. The newbies are found terrified when it comes to cleaning the saw, but it’s quite simple.

Spray the blade with oven cleaner and rub gently if there is no rough residue. If there is anything rough on the blade, let them soften first, then rub.

The expert users suggest taking proper safety initiative before cleaning. It can be gloves, safety glasses and PPE.

What is the best material for the blade?

Ans. Blade plays the core job to get your job done – no matter, it’s cutting, pruning, lawn and gardening etc. The best blade for the manual pole saws comes from the high-carbon steel metal that accompanies sturdiness along and great resilient capacity.

Why security is a predominant aspect for pole saw?

Ans. Security measure is a crucial factor not only for a manual pole saw. When it comes to a saw (any form of) safety becomes a major concern for the users. Because it always deals with a sharp blade and heavy or light branch and log that could fall on you or someone under the tree.

How can I stay safe when I contact with my saw?

Ans. Do the following things:

  • Wear safety gear such as PPE, safety glasses and gloves.
  • Use hard hats and safety glasses while cutting a large tree. A large tree or branches can fall anytime.
  • Wear work boots with good grip under to eliminate the possibility of slipping on wet and uneven ground.
  • Stop working near and overhead power cables, especially when you deal with the extended poles.
  • Wear thick gloves. It’ll protect you from the peril of sharp blade from, cutting your hands and getting burned.

My Two Cents at the End

Finding the right product from the crowd of hundreds of options simply requires a good understanding of what you intend to purchase. That’s not a big deal at all. We offer you here a good analysis of the top five best manual pole saws in the market out there. I think it’s now pretty easy to get the right one for you.

We hope you narrow down the options and get the one you were looking for from the trending list above.

You can tell us which one you picked and how was your firsthand experience with it in the comment section below.

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