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How to Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade – 3 Effective Method

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

A pole saw blade is an integral part of a pole saw used widely to cut and prune tree branches and large lumbers. However, due to the heavy-duty application, the pole saw blade can soon turn dull and result in an unsatisfactory cutting experience. At this time, knowing how to sharpen a pole saw blade would help you quickly get back the desired sharpness on the blade.

So, here we describe the tips on sharpening the pole saw blade.

Tips on How to Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

There are multiple useful and practical ways that you can apply to sharpen the blade of the pole saw. Luckily, all these methods are easy and inexpensive.

Method One:  Use A Sharpening

The use of a sharpening file is the most widespread way used to sharpen pruning saw blade. You will also need a sharpening rod.

Step 1:

Before you start sharpening the saw blade, you need to secure it. Begin with putting the blade on a flat surface or table with the edge facing up. Then tighten the blade so that it doesn’t slip off while you work on it.

Also, pull and lock the pole saw in an open position with the control rope. Once everything is placed securely, you can proceed to the sharpening procedure.

Step 2:

It would help if you started sharpening from the back. Usually, it would be best if you should begin with a beveled place. The beveled is the surface portion grounded to form the edge. Use the file to sharpen the blade slowly and always move in the same direction.

After sharpening the back teeth, you can work with the front teeth as well.

Step 3:

Grab a piece of a clean metal file and use it to sharpen the entire saw blade. Once you are done with the file, use the sharpening rod to smoothen the edges. Finally, lubricate the whole pole saw blade for an extended application.

Method Two:  Use A Grinder

In this tip, we will generously discuss how to sharpen the blade with a grinder. Also, it works best even on a worn-out blade at ease. You can use an angle grinder to make the sharpening quicker.

Step 1:

You will have to begin with detaching the blade from the pole saw. After you have worn gloves in hand, use a screwdriver to loosen the edge from the attachment. Then, place it on an even surface securely.

Step 2:

Now, tighten the blade on the surface with a control rope. It stops the blade from slipping during the grinding task.

Also, identify the angle and put it upwards since it will be aligned with the grinder.

Step 3:

Once you have aligned the grinder and pole saw blade angle properly, turn on the grinding machine. It would be ardently best if you kept checking the improvement once in a while. It ensures that the grinder doesn’t over sharpen the blade.

Once the sharpening is completed, lubricate the blade and connect it with the pole saw.

Method Three: Use A Sharpening Rod

If the blade is effectively too dull, you can use the sharpening rod to get back the sharpness fast. Also, this guideline on how to sharpen a pruning saw is straightforward.

Step 1:

At first, clamp the blade on a table. While you attach the blade, ensure that the serrated edge is facing up.

Step 2:

Find the groove on the blade between two teeth. Position the sharpening rod in the groove and begin the job. Then, push the rod forward and continue sharpening each tooth. You may need to ardently repeat the process two to three times to find the right sharpness.

Step 3:

Finally, lubricate the blade and connect it with the pole saw correctly.


So, these are our three most useful and practical tips on how to sharpen a pole saw blade. You pick the right sharpening tool and get the job done. Also, we suggest you wear protective gear, including gloves and goggles, to sharpen the blade without much fuss.

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