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8 Pole Saw Safety Tips and Techniques

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 12, 2024

In case of not handled properly, it can inflict severe damage. And we are not talking about minor bruises and cuts; we are talking about losing a limb or getting crippled for life as well.

So if you want to avoid getting your limbs hacked off, you should keep the Pole Saw Safety Tips and techniques we shared here in mind.

8 Foolproof Strategies for Pole Saw Safety Tips

Pole Saw Safety

No matter how fancy or pretty they might look, as a gardener, you should, that pole saws are no toys. All the safety tips are given above should be followed. But most importantly, you should have that awareness that is a hazardous tool you are working with.

Here we are sharing some useful tricks and tips so that you make yourself safe while trimming and pruning.

1. Gear up!

Not every gardener wants to go through the hassle of wearing all the safety gear like helmets, close-fitting safety eyeglasses, earmuffs. But the thing is if you don’t gear up and going just as you want to, you are setting yourself up for danger. You might get away every time, except the time you lose your limbs.

2. Observe the conditions before jumping into work

You must observe the area where you will be working and use the pole saw. It is quite necessary so that you can know if any possible hazards like an overhead power line. You should always avoid working if there is a power line hanging directly over your head. Also, do check whether the weather is going to be rainy, windy, or dark. If the weather is not good, it will be risky for you to operate the pole saw. So do enquire about the day’s weather forecast beforehand, and it may end up saving your life!

3. Check the pole saw before you start

No matter what tree you will be pruning with it, make sure that your pole saw is working. Check if the string is properly oiled. Also, check if any of its teeth are missing or worn out. Check the sprocket and direct bar if any damage occurs. Lastly, to supervise if they are functional, try running the unit’s safety features.

4. Keep it upright

Yes, keeping the pole saw upright is essential. You may find it a bit heavy to keep it parallel to the ground. But do keep in mind that the more vertical it will be, the more manageable the pole saw will be. it would be better for you to use a harness to minimize the tool’s load from your arms. This way, you will be quite worried free about overloading your hand and ensure there will be no hazard.

5. Do not cut directly over you

When using a pole saw on a ladder, no matter whether you are an experienced pole saw operator, you should not try to cut the branches that exist directly over your head. For reducing the weight, you better do some training and acquaint yourself with the techniques. The falling limb can crush you if one wrong move occurs. Cutting the branch over yourself will make you quite vulnerable and in the direct chance of getting hit by a fallen branch. So avoid that at any cost.

6. Make sure you have got a firm footing

How to use an electric pole saw? Well, one of the most useful tips that anyone can give you about using a pole saw is to make sure you got your balance right. That means making sure both of your feet are firm.

7. Take regular breaks

The whole process of cutting and pruning can take fuel from your body. So, don’t forget to take frequent breaks, especially when you are working on an elongated schedule. By working continuously, there can be a strain in your arms, shoulders, and neck. Also, you can suffer from nerve injury in the long run for the vibration. But most devastating of all, a fatigued arm is one of the primary causes of various pole saw related injuries. People tend to overlook this when they are in the flow of the work. But keeping it in mind will be very beneficial for every gardener out there.

8. You must go through the manual

Different pole saws are made for keeping different uses of consumers in mind. With the product, they provide the manual where you can find the relevant technical specifications, mechanisms. There will also be some other precautions or safety tips to follow. So make sure to read the manual and remember all the warnings they write about how to use a pole saw properly. They might sound quite boring or straight-up stupid for you to follow, but remember that anything that saves your life is not stupid at all.


How thick can a pole saw cut?

Ans. It will entirely depend on the blade length and blade type. But you can expect it to cut anywhere between 1 inches to 1.5 inches

Can you use a pole saw on a ladder?

Ans. You can, but the whole point of having a pole saw is not to use a ladder.

Can you use a pole saw to trim hedges?

Ans. Well technically yes, you can use a pole saw to trim hedges. But it is not recommended due to extremely poor results it yields at trimming hedges. 

What is the difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter?

Ans. It boils down to one key difference, and that is hedge trimmers are battery-operated, and hedge cutters are not.


Many people I see have a very dangerously laid back attitude when it comes to using a pole saw. But the fact it can rip off your arm or get straight to the bones should be a wake-up call for all.

Keep it in mind and make sure to follow the 8 Pole Saw Safety Tips shared here to avoid keeping yourself in one piece.

Be safe and good luck ya’ll!

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