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Pole Saw Vs. Chainsaw – What’s the Difference?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

A gardener has to perform numerous tasks in the garden. Planting, watering, and pruning trees are the most important of a gardener’s job.

As a gardener, one may often need to cut and prune trees. This shouldn’t be a tedious job if you have the right tool at the right moment.

Many different tools are used in gardening. However, When it comes to pruning overgrown leaves or dry branches of trees, a chainsaw or a pole saw may be your companion in doing the job.

So, what is a chainsaw, and what exactly are the differences between a chainsaw and a pole saw? This article on “pole saw vs chainsaw” will guide you towards learning their features and purposes.

Chainsaw Vs. Pole Saw – The Ultimate Battle

Chainsaw Vs. Pole Saw

What Is a Chainsaw?

Having ‘sharp teeth on a chain,’ the power saw has established itself as a chainsaw. The saw is generally powered by electricity or gas. Cutting wood and pruning trees are the most common uses of a chainsaw. But, can you really imagine how a chainsaw can make your life easier?

Cutting trees is bad for the environment, but how about you want to fall some trees and replace them with new ones? Or, you may want to cut dry twigs of trees and prune overgrown bushes. On that type of occasion, a chainsaw can be a great companion.

Power Supply in a Chainsaw

Standard chainsaws come in different types where power supply is a determining factor. You will find two types of power-supply mechanisms in chainsaws. Some chainsaws are powered by electricity- whether corded or cordless; some run by gasoline.

  • Electric Chainsaws: Professional gardeners choose an electric chainsaw for its performance. A chainsaw can perform up to 12 hours a day. However, it would be best if you had spare batteries to use a chainsaw for so long.
  • Gas-powered Chainsaw: Gasoline chainsaws are not an alternative to electric chainsaws. But for DIY workers and occasional users, they can be a great tool. Moreover, They are easy to handle thanks to the manufactures.

Although they aren’t as powerful as electric chainsaws, you can cut firewood, prune trees, and what not. However, it cannot work for long. Hence, You shouldn’t work with a gas-powered chainsaw for more than two hours.

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What Is a Pole Saw?

Pole saws are a type of chainsaws. It carries a different name on it because of its one special feature. And, it has a long stick at the end of it. The long pole facilitates the user to reach remote branches of trees where he could barely reach without a ladder.

A pole saw is basically used for pruning remote leaves and cutting twigs of a tree. Although, you won’t be able to fell down big trees and thick branches of them with a pole saw, but they provide you with an extra height which you wouldn’t found in a regular chainsaw.

Different Types of Pole Saws

There are three types of pole saws you will find in the market. The majority of the people use two of them: electric pole saw and gas-powered pole saw. Manual pole saw, however, gives some special benefits to the gardeners.

Electric Pole Saw

Electric pole saws also come in two types- corded or cordless. Corded ones are good for their mobility. They are light and easy to maneuver. Sometimes, you may have difficulty managing the long cable of the corded pole saw. Still, they are the most useful pole saws because of their mobility and unlimited power supply.

As for the cordless ones, they are heavy-duty power saws. With a charged battery in them, you can work for more than two hours. Although it has a limitation of power supply, it is handy where regular electricity doesn’t reach.

Gas-powered Pole Saw

Gas-powered pole saws are more powerful tool than their counterparts. They work somewhat like weed eaters. Hence, they have similarities in their make and application. The engines of them reflect each other and operate in an identical way.

In a gas-powered pole saw, you will find a trigger that controls the speed of the blade. When the gas in it finishes, you can refill it. That way you can use it for long hours.

Manual Pole Saw

A manual pole saw is very affordable as it doesn’t have any engine in the first place. Hence, you don’t need any electricity supply or gas refills. The only disadvantage of a pole is that you need to labor more. They are suitable for occasional pruning tasks which don’t take long hours.


Chainsaws and pole saws belong to the chainsaw family. Yet, they are different in make and purposes. You cannot use a pole saw in household tasks, while a chainsaw can be used both in the garden and workshop.

Now that you know their similarity and differences all along, you will be able to choose between pole saw vs. chainsaw in your next projects.

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