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Gas Vs Battery Pole Saw – Which One is Perfect for You?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 9, 2024

Although a corded electric pole saw is lightweight and easy to use, it is not the best saw at a distant place of the garden where you can hardly find a power outlet. Necessarily, you rely on a cordless pole saw. This is where the gas vs battery pole saw debate begins.

Haven’t we all heard the term ‘King of Castle’? Yes, a gas-powered pole saw is often referred to in this term. But, what about a battery-powered pole saw? This is also a cordless pole saw that you can consider buying. I have, however, discussed both cordless models to help you choose the right pole saw.

Gas-Powered Pole Saw

A gas-powered pole saw is the best option for professionals who deal with huge branches and trunks of trees. In bulk projects such as pruning and trimming a large number of trees, you can use this powerful pole saw to save time and effort. It is a great option when you work in a forest where you can hardly find a power outlet.

However, the noise produced by the machine may feel unpleasant and the emission of pollutants be unhealthy for the environment. Another thing is, you have to refill the saw often which means you need a supply of gas nearby when working for a long time.

Battery Pole Saw

Electric pole saw come in two types: corded and cordless. The cordless one is powered by a rechargeable battery. A battery pole saw is lightweight and easy to operate. You can cut through 8 to 9 inches thick limbs of a tree using this pole saw and you will love its performance.

As it does not release any harmful gas or smoke when operating, you can rely on its eco-friendliness. Plus, you do not need much experience to handle this saw. The mission is almost effortless!

Gas vs Battery Pole Saw: Which One Is Better?

Gas Vs Battery Pole Saw

On several occasions, you will find one better than the other. It’s better to choose one that is best suited to your projects, rather than being obsessed with a certain parameter. Here are some points that may help you choose the right pole saw.

Which One Is More Powerful?

A gas-powered pole saw’s cutting ability is terrific. Most professionals prefer a gas-powered pole saw for the great power it delivers when cutting through thick limbs and trunks of a tree.

On the other hand, a battery-powered pole saw is capable of cutting as thick as 9 inches of tree branches. It does not, however, deliver the level of power that you can expect from a gas pole saw, the king of the castle.

Purpose of Use

If you are looking to buy a powerful pole saw that cuts through thick timbers, a gas pole saw is the best option for you. Usually, the professionals use this saw for both the efficiency and cordless experience.

If you need a pole saw for your home garden, a battery-powered one is efficient enough to get your job done. No need for a heavy-duty gas-powered pole saw for just pruning and trimming purposes.


The durability of a tool generally depends on two things: the materials used in it and the way they were put together. The durability of pole saws varies from brand to brand.

A gas-powered pole saw vibrates a lot which can eventually damage the motor. However, you can buy a vibration-control extension to remedy the problem. But, if you don’t want to face those problems at all, a battery pole saw will be the best choice for you.


Generally, a gas-powered pole saw is cheaper than a battery-powered one. However, you have to continually spend money on fuel and maintenance afterward. In contrast, a battery-run pole saw costs a little more. But, it does not require fuel which means you can save a lot of money in the long run. It’s like pay more now to save more afterward!

Ease of Use

If you know the techniques of cutting tree timbers, trunks, and other parts of a tree, you will get a great user experience when operating a pole saw. However, the gas-powered pole saw requires more skill and experience since it is hard to control. Sometimes it kicks back which means it is pretty difficult for amateurs to use it.

On the other hand, a battery pole saw is lightweight and portable. From professionals to amateurs, everyone can use it for trimming and pruning purposes. It does not require a lot of experience and skills to operate and control.

Last Statement

There is a number of factors you can consider when buying a pole saw. Since you are looking for a cordless model, you have only two options to choose from: gas pole saw and battery pole saw.

Both pole saws are efficient and durable. However, there are differences in the level of cutting capacity and the purpose of use. If you work as a professional and have to deal with thick timbers, you can go for a gas-powered pole saw. Otherwise, a battery pole saw is great for home gardening and you should opt for it. This one will get you the best user experience and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about gas vs battery pole saw. Choose the right pole saw for your projects and let us know your experiences as a pole saw user.

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