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Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw – Which Is Best for Your Garden?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

Gardening is a wide range of duties such as planting trees, cleaning the area, trimming and pruning trees, and so on. And all tasks are easy to do with certain tools. Likewise, a pole saw can trim bushes, tree branches, and trunks. Like other tools, a pole saw has different types and makes. While every type is great in certain factors, they may not be as great in some other factors.

Here, I will discuss electric vs gas pole saw; their features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you choose the best pole saw for your garden.

What Is a Pole Saw?

Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw

A pole saw is a chainsaw attached to a long pole or stick. Trimming and pruning trees from a distance has become an easy job with a pole saw. They primarily come in two types:

  • Gas Pole Saw
  • Electric Pole Saw

1. Gas Pole Saw

Gas Pole saw uses gas as fuel to power the engine. This is a traditional pole saw that has been in use since the days when other saws were also powdered in this way. Gardeners love it because of the power and performance it delivers. You can cut thick materials with ease when you have a gas pole saw, let alone the thin limbs of a tree.

The gas-powered pole saw is somewhat a heavy tool, but the power and accuracy you can achieve live up to the standard.

2. Electric Pole Saw

On the other hand, an electric pole saw is powered by electricity, rather than gas. You need to connect it to a power outlet when working with the saw. Mostly a 7-ampere motor runs the saw that has blades of 6-10 inches. The fun part is it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Although the cord limits your movement, some models come with an extension cord to ensure you can move around and reach as many trees as you want. Usually, amateur gardeners use this to keep their garden clean and beautiful.

Things You Should Know When Selecting any Specific Type of Pole Saw

Different factors make a pole saw better than the other in a certain area of use. However, opt for the one that fulfills your demands on average. You can consider the following things to decide which one is best for you.

Energy Efficiency

A gas-powered pole saw consumes a lot of energy and causes damage to the environment. Besides, too much pollution cause damage to human health as well. Hence, if you care about the environment and human health, an electric pole saw is good for you.

However, that does not mean you cannot use a gas-powered pole saw in case you need it. Of course, you can. Yet, this is not a choice that hobbyist gardeners often make. This is rather a better choice for a professional to accomplish bulk projects.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is one of the primary concerns for many. So, be ready to spend a little more money on an electric pole saw. It does cost more money when you buy it, but it saves you a lot of money afterward. To be specific, a gas-powered pole saw is cheaper, but it costs you a lot of money on the fuel.

Besides, regular repair and maintenance will also cost you money. A long-term warranty may help in this regard. So, there is no denying that cost efficiency depends on many factors. Opt for something that saves you money in the long run.

Ease of Use

The electric pole saw is lightweight and easy to use. It makes minimal noise, does not vibrate a lot, nor does it kicks back when operating. Besides, you can maneuver and operate it with minimal effort.

On the other hand, a gas pole saw is heavy and difficult for an amateur to control. You may need to repair it often and refill the gas tanker.

Which One Is More Powerful?

A gas pole saw is a heavy-duty, powerful saw that can cut through thick materials. If you have to deal with huge tree trunks, a gas-powered pole saw can be your companion in this regard. But, you have to keep in mind that this powerful tool is hard enough for an amateur to control.

However, experienced gardeners can operate it smoothly using their skills. Besides, you need something powerful to deal with those huge tree trunks. If you barely have huge tree trunks, you may rather opt for an electric pole saw for convenience.

Which One Is More Flexible?

If you are a lucky owner of a huge garden and there are a lot of trees in the garden, chances are you will need to take your pole saw as far as the electric cord does not reach. In those cases, a gas-powered pole saw can be a great option.

However, a gas pole saw needs fuel all the time, especially when working for a long time. So, you have to keep a supply of gas nearby. Another option is to buy a Battery-powered pole saw. If you have some extra batteries with you, there will be no chance of a lack of power supply.

The bottom line is you have two great options in terms of flexibility: a gas pole saw and a battery-powered electric pole saw.

Last Words

Among many choices, you have to choose one that meets your requirements in terms of power, flexibility, ease of use, and cost-efficiency. Although you don’t find a single-pole saw that meets every requirement, you may prioritize one over another depending on preferences. For example, if you want to save money in the long run, you can choose an electric pole saw. But if you are on a budget at this moment, you can go for a gas pole saw.

Likewise, if you prefer flexibility over ease of use, you should opt for a gas pole saw. At the end of the day, your preferences are the key to buying the best saw for your garden, especially when it comes to electric vs gas pole saw.

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