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Pole Saw Vs Pole Pruner – What’s the Difference?

By: David S. Miles | Last Updated: January 15, 2024

For cutting a high tree branch, you might have to climb up or use a ladder to reach it but climbing a tree or ladder with a saw in your hand is gonna be quite troublesome and dangerous.

To solve this problem, the pole saw and the pole pruner were invented. They are long poles more than 10 feet, and a blade is attached on the top. With these tools, you can stand on the ground and reach high branches and cut, trim, or prune them to your desire.

More specifically, a pole saw referred to an electrical version of the pole saw; whereas, pole pruner refers to the manual version of the pole saw.

In this article, I will be talking about pole saw vs pole pruner. So that you can decide which one you should be adding to your tool arsenal.

Electric vs Manual Pole Saw:  A Comprehensive Comparison

There are generally three types of Pole saw available on the market. They are: the gasoline-powered pole saw, the electric Powered pole saw, and the manual pole saw.

As the article is about electric vs Manual pole saw, right now, I will briefly discuss them to make things easy for you.

Electric Powered Pole Saw

An electric-powered pole saw is a versatile and powerful tool for your garden maintenance. You can quickly chop high tree branches from the ground thanks to the bar attached to the saw.

With an electric-powered pole, you can reach up to five to ten feet, no need to climb the tree. There are corded & cordless versions of electrical pole saw available in the shop.

A cordless version of the saw will give you sufficient mobility and flexibility while working, and the only drawback would be the limited battery power. You will have to recharge it several times if you are doing heavy-duty work for an extended period.

On the other hand, A corded version of pole saw will have unlimited access to the power; you can efficiently work for hours without worrying about running out of power.

The Manual Version of Pole Saws

A manual pole saw is easy to use, simply designed, and quite useful in terms of pruning your garden trees. You can work for hours without worrying about the electricity or battery running out. Moreover, a Manual pole saw is lightweight and has a greater reach than the electric version of the pole saw.

However, you would need experience and skills to get a perfect cut with a manual pole saw. Also, having a manual operating process, you need more effort and time to cut  large tree limbs with it.

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Body parts of A Pole Saw: Electric vs Manual Pole Saw

Pole saw has a simple structure; it is quite easy to maneuver thanks to its simple design. I will talk about the body parts, and design structure of an electrical and manual pole saw in this selection.

The similarity between the two poles saw would be the existence of a long pole attached to the body, and the dissimilarity between the two poles saw would one has an engine attached to its body which gives it extensive power and another one is manually powered.

Electric Pole Saw

An electric pole saw has a pole attached to its blade, giving it sufficient reach to cut high tree branches. The engine is placed on the bottom end of the saw. The machine is quite lightweight and small so handling a pole saw is relatively easy on your hand.

The Pole

An electric power pole saw has a long and lightweight pole. The handle is extendable, and the extension and retreating process are similar to a telescopic composition.

Moreover, the pole is made with a lightweight metallic component. You don’t have to worry about the dents and dings. There is a rubber grip installed on the middle of the saw providing you extra balance while cutting high branches.

The Blade

The saw blade of an electrical power saw almost has the identical appearance of a chainsaw blade. The blade is oval-shaped and small sharp saw teeth covering the whole thing. The blade can effortlessly cut through timber limbs thanks to its unique blade design.

The Engine

The engine of the electrical pole saw is placed on the bottom end. If you are looking for a pole saw for heavy-duty work, you will be using a bigger and heavier engine. There are various models of electric pole saws with different shapes and sizes of engines. For example, the battery-powered pole saw would have relatively much weight due to the battery attachment with the engine.

The Trigger

To operate the blade, there is a trigger attached to the grip. You can adjust the power of cutting with this trigger.

Manual Pole Saw

A manual pole saw has a long pole attached to its blade and clippers, and a pull cord is attached to the body for operating the saw. It is relatively lightweight cause there is no engine or battery to put on any extra weight.

The Pole

The manual pole saw has a solid pole, and it doesn’t have the telescoping composition as the electrical pole saw. The fixed bar gives it extra stability and balance compared with the other powered pole saws.

The Blade

The long hacksaw type blade is attached to the top of the pole. The shape of the blade is quite unique, and it’s a long heavy-duty blade and curved middle giving it an extra advantage in cutting the branches effectively.

The Uses of Pole Saw: Tree Pruner Vs Pole Saw

Pole Saw Uses

The pole saw is mostly used for cutting branches. You can easily cut trees or bushes with a pole saw. A pole saw eliminates the need to climb the tree to cut your desired branches; you can easily cut it just standing on the ground with a pole saw without any extra effort.

You can also do tree trimming with a pole saw. Let me make it clear for you, In tree trimming, you will be removing dead or dying branches of the tree. You can also trim your trees to let the sunlight pass through your garden more efficiently or cut them if the units have a high chance to touch the Household electric supply wire.

Tree Pruner Uses

Tree pruning is the process of cutting selected branches of the tree to formulate a healthy growth of the tree.  So, you need to have proper knowledge, technique, and skills for this job. For tree pruning purposes, a manual pole saw, or tree primer will be your best bet.

Final words

An electrical pole saw will be perfect for a heavy-duty job, and a manual pole pruner or tree primer would be perfect for Pruning the tree for its better growth.

This pole saw vs pole pruner comparison was made to give you in-depth knowledge about both tools and help you decide to buy the best tool for your desired job. Please ask in the comment section if you have any queries.

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